Chloé Jouannet admits her weight gain: “I had trouble recognizing myself”

Lead actor in film My heroine by Noémie Lefort in theaters on December 14, Chloé Jouannet plays a young woman who is ready to do anything to meet her idol Julia Roberts. An experiment”fantastic“and”positive” for the 25-year-old actress. Interviewed by TV 7 daysThe daughter of Alexandra Lamy and Thomas Jouannet confided that she had some complexes during the filming, especially because of her silhouette.

The beautiful young woman, who recently dyed herself red, revealed that she felt uncomfortable in front of the cameras. “I feel that the journalists today have a little time to adapt. At the time of the shooting, I was not very good in my sneakers. I did not like it so much, I had gained weight: I took myself in the hand .When I saw the film, I had a hard time recognizing myself.” she said.

It is important to say that this is normal

Previously, Sandor Funtek’s beloved had already expressed her complexes, but also her behavior with food, which was not always healthy. “I complicated a lot. I yo-yoed with my weight, I was one of those teenagers who sometimes felt bad about themselves“, she had declared on the set of Buzz TV.

Now reconciled with her body, she said it was important for her to make young girls aware that social networks and television did not reflect reality and gave a distorted image of femininity. “It is important to say that it is normal, that it is adolescence, that we go through this kind of thing, but that precisely with series like the one that talks about weight, the body, which is not a complex, but a strength that can help. […] It’s great, it’s really important, we need it!“, she said about Derby girl.

Chloé Jouannet also announced the release of her first short film next spring, in which her father and sister Mado will be present. “It is a very intimate subject that talks about the relationship between a father and his daughter.” she explained.

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