Chloé Nabédian: the bad weather at France 2 slams the door, the surprising reason


This Thursday, December 15 Chloé Nabédian made a big announcement at the end of the year. It is actually time to make decisions and start new professional projects for next year. Thereby, Miss Weather presented her latest weather report on the chain France 2. The 37-year-old young woman gave an interview to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. We learned why she left public service.

Chloé Nabédian reveals the reasons for her departure from the weather forecast France 2


Chloé Nabédian’s departure was quite unexpected. No one expected it. After six years of collaboration with the group’s weather service, the presenter leaves the ship and sets sail! She announced it with a lot of emotion this Thursday, December 15. “Ten years ago, in my very first weather report, I announced snow in France, on the plains, and well, I want to close this chapter ten years of presenting the weather with the snow likely to still fall on Sunday“, she said into the air.

Chloé Nabédian thanks her loyal audience

Chloé Nabédian took the time to thank her loyal viewers for all her years. Anyway, she had a great career France 2. Chloé Nabédian also presented certain sequences of Telethonin the duet with Jean-Baptiste Marteau in 2017. In addition, the journalist was a co-host In the heart of the elements, with Olivier Minne in 2018. It was a magazine dedicated to climate change. Several hours after the announcement of her departure, some employees wanted to pay tribute to her and thank her. Chloé Nabédian has received many messages online. This proves how much she was valued within teams of France 2.

The weather host announces the reason for her departure


This Friday, December 16, during an interview with our colleagues from Tele-LeisureChloé Nabédian was kind enough to reveal more about her choice to leave the channel France 2. Apparently it was a difficult decision to make. It was a real dilemma to leave or stay because we had established a real relationship with the viewers, she told reporters. Next, the weather star revealed her next professional plans. And they’re not that great!

With her experience, Chloé Nabédian is inevitably very involved in all topics related to the climate and our blue planet. So next to the weather, so was she engaged in several projects. It clicked, and it’s what made him leave public service: I have developed a lot of projects this yearin particular my program on TV5 Monde (“A la vie à la terre”, editor’s note). We had already done two issues last quarter and I learned that we were going to do four new issues by 2023. I had that too want to go into the fieldto meet the men and women who are fighting this climate change, she explained. So even though Chloé Nabédian is leaving the weather presentation, you will naturally find her in other shows! Good luck !


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