Chloé Nabédian, very moved, says goodbye to the forecast for France 2 (VIDEO)

Chloé Nabédian said goodbye to the weather forecast for France 2, Thursday, December 15, after six years of presentation. It is with a tight neck that she told the viewers a little more about her future projects.

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Chloé Nabédian is one of the familiar faces of France 2 viewers. 13 hours and 20 hours alternating with Anaïs Baydemir, since 2016, on the public channel. The young woman is also very involved in the environmental issue. In 2019, she also wrote Is the weather going crazy? published by Éditions du Rocher, a book on this subject. She is regularly invited on television sets to discuss this topic or the vagaries of the weather.

Chloé Nabédian allows herself to develop “other projects around the climate”

This Thursday, December 15, Chloé Nabédian created a surprise by saying goodbye to the weather forecast for France 2. “My very first weather report, I announced snow in France, on the plains, and so I will close this chapter of 10 years of presenting the weather by also announcing snow, which is likely to still fall on Sunday.”, she said at the end of her forecast. “Today is finally my very last forecast that I have had the honor of presenting to you for the past six years. she announced. Before he thanks the viewers of France 2 and says a little more about his immediate future. “And I really wanted to thank you, because thanks to you, this weather diary has been able to gain much more importance in recent years. We were able to decipher, discuss together what happened in this weather, which changes with ongoing climate change. And it is especially for this reason that I decided to leave my functions here to be able to develop other projects around the climate and also provide decryption on this topic.”she revealed.

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A lot of emotions at the end of the weather report

Chloé Nabédian naturally took the opportunity to thank the teams that have followed her for the last few years on the channel, the technicians, the forecasters and her colleagues from the weather service. “I would like to give a big hug to my beloved department manager, Nathalie, who simply gave me the chance of a lifetime”, she finished her thanks. It is with some feeling that she addressed her last words to the viewers of France 2. “I wish you a very, very happy end of the year. I wish you to realize your dreams, I will also try to go and realize mine”she concluded with a tight throat.

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