Choisy-en-Brie: they watched all the games together

A WC experienced with friends ©LPB/77

The final will be held on Sunday 18 December World Championship of football. The bruises that thrilled millions left bruises in the souls of many fans. In Choisy-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne), a group of friends followed this planetary event passionately and integrally. Alain Gouret62, says: “I have been playing football since I was 16. I was first a defender and ended up as a coach in Choisy. At the same time, I also practiced swimming and handball, and today, in addition to my regular walks in the former youth club, I have kept my passion for football intact. Since the start of the World Cup, Alain met with friends to follow all the matches. Sometimes with one, sometimes with the other: “Everything was in the rules: pizza, beer and champagne when we won”.

“You have to know whether you want to celebrate your victory or acknowledge your defeat”

Alain Gouret, football enthusiast

Most interesting in his sympathetic supporters was Meeting between France and Morocco. I had invited the village merchant, Abdalla Mastour, to my home. He had prepared a good couscous for us like that,” recalls Alain. Then there was Salah, the village baker, who had made a magnificent and delicious cake in France-Morocco colors, in the company of Philippe Durand, Jean Claude Brichet Sébastien Chauvel, José, Carlos and all the children.

A mixed finish

For the final they were all with butcher Jean Luc Collart. Salah had even prepared the cake France-Argentina and the champagne was chilled! “Our cars were ready with the flags to go on a good-natured little tour of Choisy”, confides Alain.

Maximum concentration during this final!
Maximum concentration during this final! ©LPB/77

The football enthusiast will always remember this afternoon in the final: “The friends were all there, united by the same passion, hypnotized by the screen. Ah! We were not good in the first half, we would have even sent Mbappé off if we could. He did nothing.” The tone of the sportsman is still quite horrified, but he continues: “When we started to equalize, we took out the champagne. But there were shots on goal. We were disappointed. We drank champagne with friends to console each other. But the group of friends is fair play: “Football is a sport. Congratulations to the winners. You have to know how to either celebrate the victory or acknowledge your defeat with dignity. It’s only a game”. And as soon as the holiday is over, the group of friends gets together European Championshipsin three months.

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