“Chopin does not age”

The rapper Scylla was born in 1980 in Brussels, he started writing as a teenager. He started with hip-hop in 2002, wanting to express his feelings through the musical style “that made him vibrate from a very young age”, participating in the founding of the OPAK collective.
He takes the stage name Scylla, referring to the sea monster in Greek mythology. He participates in the competition French music which he won in 2009, this victory guarantees him a program at various festivals, including the Brussels Summer Festival, as well as at the music festivals in Lausanne. Scylla released her first solo EP soon after in 2009, Immersion.
Gulf, his first solo album, was released in February 2013. This album has 15 tracks, most of them solo, which include Tunisiano, REDK, Saké des Zakariens and Furax. The album received a positive reception from critics, who particularly praised the quality of the lyrics.
Since 2014, Scylla has regularly collaborated with the pianist Sofiane Pamart


  • Release in early December 2022 of the new album ” Eternal
  • Concerts
    17.02 Olympia Paris
    19.02 Small
    09.03 in Lyon
    10.03 Grenoble
    11.03 Marseille
    17.03 Bordeaux
    18.03 Toulouse
    23.03 Reindeer
    25.03 Geneva…..

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Session i

Club ARTE Concert

Program developed with the assistance of Haude Vassent, Viviane Lefevre and Ingrid Lecointe, librarians at INA.

Musical programming

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff : The woman’s prayer
Anja Lechner, cello
Vassilis Tsabropoulos, piano

Shurik’n : My
Delabel > Where I live 1998

Jacques Brel : The Desperate

Maurice Ravel : Piano concerto in G major 2. Adagio assai
Martha Argerich, piano
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Claudio Abbado, director
DG 1967

Scylla: Chopin (feat. Furax Barbarossa & B-Lel)
Meat mask album
ISAP 2017

Frédéric Chopin : Nocturne No. 2 in E flat major
Arthur Rubinstein, piano
EMI Classics 1936

Jean-Marie Leclair: Scylla and Glaucus op.11, “Fraudulent Oaths (Act III Sc 1)” Scylla
Emoke Barath, soprano
New characters
Sébastien d’Hérin, director

Sofiane Pamart : Constellations

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