City council: plan everything before you move to 2023

The municipal council meeting on December 6 was almost over, and if a cheerful cartoon appeared on the screen to announce the Christmas festivities, the agenda was nonetheless very serious.

It is necessary to think about the primitive budget 2023. For this, the mayor is requesting “an investment expenditure grant corresponding to no more than a quarter of the grants opened in the budget for the previous financial year”. It is proposed to maintain appropriations for the following amounts and appropriations. Chapter 20: €4,325 (€17,300 registered in BP). Chapter 21: €162,629 (€650,515 registered in PO). It has been adopted.

The council then adopts the change of the following municipal rates per 6 December 2022.

Non-municipal associations:

Ball, meeting from €100 rising to €120 (plus electricity costs from October to April)

Meal: €200 rising to €220

City residents:

Honorary pig: from €50 to €70

Meals: from €100 to €120

Residents outside the municipality:

Cocktail reception: from €100 to €120

Meals: from €280 to €300

Rights to space: this concerns different retailers in Perrin (example pizza truck): location once a week: from €10 currently to €120 per term.

Christmas market traders: from €5 to €15

Merchants’ party on the ramparts: from €10 to €25

Public Library :

Free for children; adults: from €6 for the municipality’s residents and €8 for the others rising to €10 for everyone.

An amendment decision is made to balance the amount of staff costs and costs corresponding to Article 12: a transfer of EUR 38,100 is adopted.

The council accepts the name change of the road requested by an individual (new name: chemin de Narp).

For the construction of a residential area in the city in a place called “La Laque” the use of SEM 47 was chosen (25 October 22).

Two major projects, the bell tower of the Saint-Barthélemy church and the conversion of the country house into a multi-activity space, are progressing step by step (subsidy applications) and will be the subject of a specific article.

The meeting ended with the following points:

– Construction of an underground power line to supply the new gendarmerie.

– A Sports Employment Assistance Agreement of €1,500 (ESB) will be included in the initial 2023 budget.

– Adherence to the CNRACL Retirement Agreement, which helps to simplify the procedures for the retirement of agents.

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