Claire Chazal removed from the antenna: in shock, she rumbles and denounces an “injustice”

Since September 2018, Claire Chazal has offered a cultural meeting for public service viewers. The journalist who had left TF1 a few years earlier, in 2015, was then entrusted with the presentation of the show passage of art, dedicated to the show. The program was initially broadcast every evening on France 5, and then the program switched to France 2 on a weekly basis, namely every Sunday evening in the second part of the evening, from the start of the 2021 school year.

Unfortunately, after only four years of adventure, Passage of the art ends its run on January 15, 2023. A shock to Claire Chazal, who does not understand this decision at all. “It’s brutal. And it’s a great sense of injustice. I absolutely did not see the blow coming“, she said in an interview Telerama. It was in spite of herself that this decision was made, although she did everything to keep the program going. “I defended the quality of the show, its content, the diversity of its popular and demanding programming, but it was non-negotiable.“, she revealed with regret.

Claire Chazal very irritated and uncertain about the future

Problem, the hearings were not there according to the chain. With an average of less than 400,000 viewers watching each issue, that is. 3.9% of the public aged four and over according to Médiamétrie, is the disconnection of Passage of the art was probably inevitable. However, this reasoning does not fit Claire Chazal. “I dispute the crowd’s argument because they are in the average of last season. The management had renewed the program at the start of the school year, and this until June 2023 with full knowledge of the facts. Public service must carry the culture and override the audience goals“, she protested.

Nevertheless, France 2 would have already planned to replace the cultural program and is now planning instead to broadcast a program around the cinema, which was to be presented by Pierre Lescure. This was revealed The Parisian at the end of November. As for Claire Chazal, her future on air seems more uncertain than ever. “Nothing was offered to me“, she admitted to Télérama.

She presented the big chessboard broadcast on December 5 on France 3, shot at the Opéra de Versailles, and there is still one left, already shot, which will be broadcast in 2023… but after?

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