Closures, sales, new arrivals… Update on what’s changing for businesses in Joigny

Among the topics to be addressed by the municipality, the question of the future of business in Joigny has recently been added to the pile of hot topics. In addition to the concerns related to the energy crisis, several Jovin companies will have to change ownership in the coming months. A problem that first deputy and departmental councilor Frédérique Colas looked into. “We received, in the town hall, some of the restaurateurs. Our downtown manager (Jeanne Marin, editor’s note) also met them. The potential closures or resales have very different reasons.” Overview.

Hotel-restaurant Le Paris-Nice. Located in the heart of the town of Maillotine, Le Paris-Nice is one of the famous restaurants in Joigny. The establishment was put up for sale by its owners, Claire and David Le Corre. The latter has already left the region. “It is a family and personal choice to move and therefore to sell one’s business. At the moment the restaurant is still working. They are doing their best to keep the restaurant in Joigny because they love this town”, exhibits Frédérique Colas. When contacted by us, David Le Corre did not want to speak in our columns.

A choice particularly motivated by ongoing negotiations with potential buyers.

HQ bar-restaurant. The establishment, which offers traditional and homemade dishes, has also been offered for sale in the restaurant Le QG. Its owner, Benoît Ecollasse, opened his business in 2017. The sale price is set at €110,000. The main interested party did not want to comment on this information. The future of this trade directly concerns the municipality, as it owns the walls. “Depending on what will happen, we will be led into discussion. On our side, this building is clearly intended for catering. The lease goes in this direction”, recalls Frédérique Colas.

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Restaurant Le Canotier. If some restoration sites continue to operate while waiting for new investors to come, this is not the case for Canotier. The news was made official on November 22 on the establishment’s Facebook page. A laconic first publication read in three words: “Here it is finished…” The next day, the leader Aurélien Ythier wanted a word for the faithful. “Thank you to all my customers for supporting me for the 5 years.” Also contacted, he did not want to respond to our requests.

Sales point Leonidas.Located in the Délices de la Petite Île bakery and patisserie (Intermarché shopping center), a point of sale for the chocolate maker Leonidas has been opened in Joigny since November 11. Reception and service is provided by a team of four under the direction of Julien Simonnet, Director of Intermarché de Joigny. He clarifies: “The market bistro was getting old, we wanted to renew. We brought in a bit of novelty and recruited salespeople who were trained. I took the franchise, they have the double Intermarché and Leonidas hats. .”

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Openings.A new store has opened at 44, avenue Gambetta. This is La Pasta, which offers fresh pasta for take away and deli products. Among the openings, note also the arrival of a bread depot offered by the bakery Au Plaisir de Joigny at 77, rue Jacques-d’Auxerre.

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