Colonizing Mars: the Mad Project of Biospheric Forest Domes

News JVTech Colonizing Mars: the Mad Project of Biospheric Forest Domes

Here is a crazy project theorized by scientist Dr. Paul Lister Smith with the aim of creating forests on Mars. To achieve this, it will then be necessary to create biospheres in which we find all of Earth’s vital properties.

Building forests on Mars is borderline impossible

In a scientific journal,
Biologist Dr. Paul Lister Smith has advanced all the problems and how to deal with them to grow vegetation on Mars. Even to want to create real forests.

Today, Mars is completely uninhabitable. The biggest problem is its lack of atmosphere. This induces many problems in developing life on the red planet. We thus find a temperature at the surface of around -63°C. The atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide. But to solve this, Elon Musk has an idea to drop nuclear bombs to induce a greenhouse effect and thus create a natural atmosphere on the entire planet. An extreme idea.

Biologist Paul Lister Smith remains more moderate and suggests creating Mars-safe biospheres. According to him, the forest is precisely what would make it possible to live in such an environment without the need to add oxygen generating units.

The proposed dome initially consists of a glass roof allows light and a small amount of UV and ionizing rays to pass through. Too much would make the environment uninhabitable and too few people could not synthesize vitamin D and plant photosynthesis would be impossible.

The other problem that can become big but has no solution is magnetic fields. Mars has weak magnetic fields, which could strongly destabilize the growth of plant or animal species.

The climate is also important. That is why it is a biosphere, where we find a temperate and self-regulating climate. Just look at the failure of the “Biosphere 2” project to understand that even with millions of dollars on Earth, the challenge is colossal.

In the same way, it would also be necessary to manage to create seasons to give rest to living organisms. Fortunately, Mars also has four seasons, but twice as long.

Finally, one of the big problems is the absence of the Moon. Well, yes, but the two satellites of Mars are small. We do not realize the extent to which this natural satellite is not only there to illuminate our nights. We also have a whole
about the consequences of the earthly loss of the Moon.

Investing to go to Mars instead of saving Earth?

Ultimately, it will take billions of dollars to develop such a project. But the question arises whether it is not wiser to save our planet rather than wanting to flee to another. Space exploration is a universal dream and it is legitimate to want to explore our universe. On the other hand, it may be necessary to wonder how to deal with the 8 billion inhabitants of our planet before sending some elsewhere.

Humans are made for Earth, there is nothing to optimize to make it livable. We just need to change our lifestyle and focus on what surrounds us. The risk of looking at Mars is to forget our Earth.

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