“Cooking meat doesn’t particularly interest me, I love cooking vegetables”

Purely Parisian, I grew up surrounded by several influences: my grandmother, originally from Alsace, migrated to Brittany when she married. His cuisine reflected this mix, the nostalgia for Alsatian dishes combined with Breton influences. She prepared kouglofs for us as well as Breton fars, pancakes like pies and very cooked pasta with buttered croutons and lots of melted Emmentaler.

My mom would often leave me and my brother on vacation at her house for a month or two, and by the time she picked us up, we’d gained 3 pounds and were little freaks with messy hair that would disappear throughout the day. stuffing themselves with blackberries in the fields. It had nothing to do with our Parisian life where we were fed mainly Picard frozen foods. My mother is an independent businesswoman, starting with a DUT in computer science to manage the representative office of the German stock exchange in Paris. She cooked a lot, but only on weekends.

“During the birth I cooked a lot, and in the summer of 2020 we opened a wine cellar, where I started cooking. »Celine Maguet

As for my father, he always only knew how to prepare one dish: lentil salad. We traveled often, and when we came back, my mother made recipes inspired from there… After an expedition to Thailand, we ate curries for two months, and when we came back from a trip to Italy, it was lasagna and pasta with lots of it. That’s how I set foot in gastronomy: with all these cuisines from here and elsewhere, which piqued my curiosity and my greed.

I studied law in Paris, then journalism in Lille. There I discovered beer and good products at the Vieux-Lille market. I started working on the M6 ​​newscast and then started writing for Omnivorous and the media Deputy and one thing led to another, I wrote restaurant reviews, all the while becoming fascinated with natural wine.

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I also liked to party and participate in festivals, and Soif was born from the observation that good wines were lacking to such an extent in these kinds of events. We created a company of five and we created all kinds of ephemeral and festive wine bars. There was (and is increasingly) a real demand for good bottles in this type of event. During the birth I cooked a lot, and in the summer of 2020 we opened a wine cellar, where I started cooking.

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Spontaneously, I made a completely vegetarian menu, which worked very well… Cooking meat does not particularly interest me, whereas I love cooking vegetables. It’s a challenge for some, but once you understand how it works, on the cooking side as well as the ingredients, it becomes super exciting. This is what I have tried to show in my book of 150 simple recipes, like “alla genovese” pasta, this stew of Neapolitan origin (contrary to what the name suggests) which proves that you can make a generous and tasty cuisine with cheap products and a little technique. Just combine quite a few sliced ​​onions with a small piece of meat, which simmers for a long time and flavors the whole dish to give the illusion of a rich meaty sauce.

The good preparation of vegetables, by Céline Maguet and Agathe Hernandez, First, €26.50. Soif agency website

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