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After two years of the Covid crisis and theaters that were often closed, 2022 looked like a pretty normal year from afar. At close range, it has experienced ups and downs, sometimes very significant. Cinema is like life. We have therefore seen great films as well as other very unsuccessful ones.

2022 was marked by a change in habits: people hesitated to return to theaters or went there only for the big show and the “auteur” cinema. The smaller productions, independent or produced for television, had a complicated year.

The year was also marked by the return of Na’vis by James Cameron, a technological and cinematic revolution which, not content with having exploded the box office, is still a source of debate. Fantastic cinema still leaves no one indifferent, as is evident from our ranking this year – also dominated by a life of watching very beautiful films under the best possible conditions, the room’s.

So here are Team CloneWeb’s five favorite films and details from editors, our best series, the worst we’ve seen and our expectations for 2023, a year that promises to be exciting with the imperial return of Steven Spielberg, of Martin Scorsese or David Fincher.

In 2022, the site celebrated its 20th anniversary and welcomed Amandine’s voice to Happy Hour. We will be by your side in our twenty-first year, we wish you the best. Good year!

Copywriting Top 5
1/ Avatar, The Way of the Water (James Cameron)
2/ Licorice pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson)
3/ The Batman (Matt Reeves)
4/ As Bestas (Rodrigo Sorogoyen)
5/ Top Gun Maverick (Joseph Kosinski)

1/ The souvenir part I & II
2/ Licorice pizza
4/ Falcon Lake

Worst movie of the year: Black Adam
Expectations 2023: De Humani Corporis Fabrica, Barbie, The Whale, All The Beauty and the Bloodshing, Haunted Mansion

1/ Avatar The Way of the Water
2/3000 years await you
3/ Batman
4/ Top Gun Maverick
5/ RRR
6/ Everything everywhere at once
7/ As Bestas
8/ Boop
9/ Armageddon Hour
10/ The cook

Best Series: Severance
Worst movie of the year: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Expectation 2023: Across the Spider Vers

1/ Pinocchio (by Guillermo del Toro)
2/ Red alarm
3/ Bullet train

Best series: Cyberpunk Edgerunner
Worst movie of the year: Black Panther Wakanda Forever

1/ Avatar The Way of the Water
2/ Top Gun Maverick
3/ Batman
4/ RRR
5/ Red alarm
Mentions the bee : Falcon Lake, Le Petit Nicolas, As Bestas

Best series: The Bear
Worst movie of the year: Morbius
Expectation 2023: Across the Spider Vers

1/ Avatar The Way of the Water
2/ As Bestas
3/ The Norwegian
4/ Batman
5/ New Gods: Yang Jian

Best Series: Primal Season 2
Worst movie of the year: Black Adam
Waiting for 2023: The Killer (David Fincher) & Killers of the Flower Moon (Martin Scorsese)

1/ Licorice pizza
2/ Without filter
3/ As Bestas
4/ Investigation of a state scandal
5/ Athena
6/ Almond trees
7/ The night of the 12th
8/ Unbelievable, but true
9/ Smoking makes you cough
10/ Avatar Waterway

Best Series: Station Eleven & Severance
Worst movie of the year: Thor Love & Thunder
Waiting for 2023: Empire of Light (Sam Mendes) & The Killer (David Fincher)

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