Coup de com ‘and social experience, Kyan Khojandi explains why he showed up with hair

The actor had decided to participate in several TV shows with a hair prosthesis and to act as if nothing had happened with the participation of the presenters.

The picture had many reactions on social networks. Last week, the comedian and humorist Kyan Khojandi had participated in two shows, “Quotidien” and “Clique”, with hair, while in normal times he was the star of the series Shortly said is bald.

“I remembered I was bald”

In a video published on Sunday on his Youtube channel, Kyan Khojandi returned to this event. First named the one who is touring Zeniths for his last show A good night explained how his baldness had manifested in his 20s and the fact that today he is at peace with this physical change.

But in order to focus on his show, the actor decided to play with the media.

“I recently wondered how I could get people’s attention. And I remembered that I was bald. I wondered what would happen if, overnight, without telling anyone, I appeared up to me with hair,” he explains.

Hence action. Kyan Khojandi contacted a hair salon in Vincennes, which made him a custom-made prosthesis. Before appearing on both shows, he also put the producers and presenters in confidence so that the issue was not brought up.

“And there, the strike: tweets, people venting in the comments, the ‘Anyway, I went to Turkey’ stories, comments from people saying that as a bald person I had let them down,” he recalls. “Bottom line, when I have no hair I have people pointing it out to me, when I have hair I have people pointing it out to me,” he adds.

Take it easy on the jokes

Beyond the simple publicity stunt, these appearances and the accompanying video are a call to embrace its physical distinctiveness, but also to pay attention to the jokes made on this subject, knowing that “the psychological impact on people is real.”

On the other hand, the comedian leaves one question unanswered, namely whether he will keep this prosthesis in the future. To answer this question, he advises the most curious to come and see him perform.

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