Cyril Lignac explains how to prepare a tasty one pot pasta

In my job you learn every day. I didn’t know about one pot pasta, which is actually a variation of cooking pasta. Since we are in a society where we want to go faster and faster, here we put everything in the pot and cook.

Usually when we make pasta we make a sauce on the side, we boil the pasta in water and halfway through cooking, when they are still firm, add them to the sauce. This allows you to continue to cook the pasta, have the starch bind the sauce, and that’s how you cook good pasta.

This time with the one pot pasta, we put everything in the same container at the same time. If we tell ourselves to make pasta with vegetables, I do it start putting olive oil in my pot, shallots or onions, and brown some mushrooms and pieces of bacon. I can also toast hazelnuts and that’s when I place the pasta directly. It is necessary to choose pasta that cooks quickly like farfalle.

The broth reduces and the pasta swells

I then moistened the preparation with a broth of chicken. So you can cook for 10 to 15 minutes. The reduced broth and the pasta swell, and when there is no more broth, the one pot pasta is ready! With this type of cooking, everything is prepared in a single preparation. It’s a recipe that’s not very traditional, not very Catholic, but it works. You always have to check that there is some liquid and eventually you can sprinkle the preparation with parmesan, gorgonzola or county to taste.

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