Del Arte unveils its new hybrid concept

It was in the presence of the mayor of Joué-lès-Tours, Frédéric Augis, that Del Arte launched its new restaurant concept. “Our sector is suffering both from customer dissatisfaction directly linked to the aftermath of covid and from rising energy prices, says Philippe Jean, general manager of the pizza-pasta division of the Le Duff group. This unique concept should allow us to win new customers, especially 25-30 year olds. »
Del Arte has 210 restaurants, 90% of which are franchises. This new concept, whose surface has been reduced to 350 m2 (when some restaurants exceed 500 m2), is characterized by three different spaces, imagined as so many “kind moments of life” around Italian cuisine: an impressive bar at the entrance, Cafferitivo (a portmanteau of coffee and aperitif), Ristorante, the classic restaurant at the table, and A Casa, a place dedicated to delivery and drive-thru (dedicated kitchen included), a first for the pizza specialist. “Before covid we generated less than 5% of revenue with delivery and more specifically click and collect, continues the manager. This share rose to 15% during the pandemic and is now 12%. By offering the option of picking up the ordered pizza on the spot while you stay in your car, we offer a new service that the little ones are happy with, but not only. We also think about the employees in the area and the families”. As soon as he arrives at the parking space reserved for this service, the customer simply needs to flash the QR code he received after ordering on the Internet for an operator to come and deliver his pizza. “This solution also has the enormous advantage that it frees up the restaurant’s area for the many delivery people who come to pick up orders. »

A space open all day
Cafferitivo will be open all day, from breakfast to after work and evening. In the heart of the day, the space can also accommodate employees and students who want to work on site while enjoying a cup of coffee and a Wi-Fi connection. It also has a large screen that broadcasts festive or sporting events. The turnover of this new 100% digital restaurant is to be divided between classic catering up to 60%, delivery (20%) and Cafferitivo (20%).
“New restaurants will systematically adopt this new concept, announces Philippe Jean. We always aim to open between 6 and 10 restaurants each year. As for the rooms under the old concept, they should gradually adopt the new formula, although it may change slightly during the first year, depending on customer feedback. »
Del Arte should end the year 2022 with a turnover of 250 million euros, for 3800 employees. Even though the energy crisis weighs heavily, and the number of applications has fallen from 350 before the crisis to under 180 today. By continuously launching new initiatives, including the latest around the subscription formula that meets “ a real success”, according to the CEO, the brand intends to maintain its momentum. It announces the opening next February at the foot of the University of Nanterre of a first Cafferitivo stationed over approximately 200 m2. And wants to conquer the city center.

December 2022.

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