did you win the My Million code?

The Euromillions prize pool has still not been won for two weeks now. While the last win was won by a player from Nord-Pas-de-Calais for €160 million, will we see a French player win the day again today? To play your grid, enter 5 numbers and 2 stars before 20.15 and then, from 21.15, follow with us the results of this Euromillions My Million draw live on Tirage-Gagnant.com.

Update of 22/11/2022 at 21:30: The My Million code becomes a new millionaire

It’s done, the My Million draw and the winning Euromillions draw numbers are online, did you win the bet? The winning code is: MU 402 1458, the owner wins 1 million euros. As for the €65 million jackpot, we know by 22.00, whether it is won or not.

Last Friday, the Euromillions draw brought together more than 25 million people, all countries combined. Despite this attractive participation, the pool was not won. Among the luckiest players in this draw we can still mention the three players who won €245,766.10 by matching 6 of the 7 winning numbers (5 numbers + 1 star).

Today the Euromillions draw is this Tuesday 22nd November 2022 will it be synonymous with eternal wealth for one of you today’s player? Find the result online from 8:50 p.m., but before that you must tick at least one grid online before 20.15. Many of you will also watch the match between France and Australia in the World Cup 2022, be aware that the TV schedule will be turned a little on its head, especially in connection with the broadcast of the draws.

Play a EuroMillions My Million grid this Tuesday 22nd November 2022 before 5pm. 20.15 at Tirage-Gagnant.com

Play Euromillions easily today in 5 minutes: ✅ Sign up in a few minutes at FDJ.fr. Don’t delay, you only have until 20.15 to play a grid in today’s Euromillions draw. To register, you must be of legal age and have a physical address on the French mainland or abroad. Choose 5 numbers and 2 stars to make up a simple Euromillions combination. If you need inspiration for choosing your numbers, you can generate a random grid for free here. Pay your numbers online in minutes with a credit card. You can choose to pay by bank transfer, but your account will only be credited after validation of your transfer, often several days.

Friday, November 25, 2022 €77,000,000 day hour mine dry To play

EuroMillions and My Million draw results: first results published at 21:15 (due to WC delay)

You may have noticed yesterday if you played the Loto draw on November 21st, the Loto and EuroMillions My Million draws, as well as the news at 20.00, will no longer be broadcast during match nights. The Qatar World Cup and the times of the evening matches (8pm) distort the usual programme.

This affects not only the information log, but also the publication of draws. While the My Million codes are thus normally put online from 20.50, these will only be available from 21.15 today, at the same time as the winning Euromillions numbers.

Regarding the publication of the payment table, nothing has changed and the details will be available from 22.00 at Tirage-Gagnant.com.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the EuroMillions My Million draw

What is the EuroMillions jackpot amount for this Tuesday 22 November 2022?

The sum of the Euromillions jackpot is 65 million euros today. It has now been four draws in a row that the jackpot has not been won.

Until when can we play a Euromillions My Million grid today?

You will be able to play a grid online or at a point of sale until 20.15. For this it will only cost you €2.50 and you have to choose 5 numbers and 2 stars. ▶ Play a Euromillions My Million grid online here

When will the Euromillions draw results be available tonight?

The results of the Euromillions draw will be available from 21.15 this Tuesday, November 22, 2022. You can follow the results for free on Tirage-Gagnant.com, namely the My Million code, the Euromillions winning numbers and then the complete winnings report.

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