Domino’s opening hours on Christmas Eve: Is Domino’s open on Christmas Eve? [Updated December 2022]

Domino’s opening hours on Christmas Eve in the 2022 holiday.

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with several families or not, chances are you’ll be on the go on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And there is always the risk that you end up with the aunt who can’t cook or just isn’t hungry when you’re with the family.

Or maybe you even have to work on a holiday like Christmas Eve and just want to get home safely. What better way to take the hassle out of it than to head to the most popular pizza chain on the planet, Dominos?

Domino’s pizzas tend to be unanimous, at the right price. However, as is always the case when it comes to holidays, you never know if they are open or not, as they may be one of the many businesses that decide to close on Christmas Eve.

Which brings us to the million-dollar question for pizza lovers who don’t rest on the holidays: Is Domino’s open or closed on December 24th?

Is Dominos open or closed Christmas Eve?

Although the chain will be closed Christmas Day, chances are your favorite Dominos will be open Christmas Eve for pie needs on December 24th. However, there is a problem.

The thing is, many restaurants across the country are franchised, which allows them to set their own hours. So while it’s likely Dominos will be open on December 24th, check the company’s website and store locator to be sure.

Even if your store is open, please be aware that most Domino’s opening hours on Christmas Eve will be reduced to allow employees to return home in time for the holidays.

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