Domino’s opening hours on New Year’s Eve: Is Domino’s open on New Year’s Eve? [Updated December 2022]

Dominos opening hours for New Year’s Eve 31 December 2022.

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest holidays of the year. People want to celebrate what happened in the previous 365 days while toasting what the calendar change has in store. And of course that means you have to eat. There’s no better holiday meal than a Dominos pizza.

You can’t beat the value for money you get when you choose Dominos. The pizza is chain-wise at the top, while the price won’t eat away at your wallet like other places do. It’s just where you want to be.

But whether you’re looking to grab some snacks for yourself or get the party going, the holidays can always be tricky to order. The question therefore arises whether the restaurant Dominos is open or closed on New Year’s Eve.

Is Dominos open or closed New Year’s Eve?

Good news for all pizza-loving partygoers! The restaurant will be open New Year’s Eve, but you’ll have to be quicker than usual to get the pies and sides you want to satisfy your cravings.

Dominos store opening hours for New Year’s Eve will be 11:45 local time everywhere, but most stores will close earlier. Most will be closed at 9.45pm local time. For exact hours, it’s best to check the company’s store locator page for posted hours or the phone number to call to confirm.

Either way, you’ll definitely be able to get your pizza fix on New Year’s Eve. However, the key to December 31st will be to be prepared as stores close early. But hey, who doesn’t love the feeling of warming up a pizza to start a new year? This is called setting the mood!

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