Domino’s shares its fan song on TikTok and Discord!

This year, according to Imediacenter and Ifop, 40% of the French have planned to follow matches with friends. And 28% of them will choose home pizza delivery so as not to miss anything! Moments of cozy sharing that Domino’s celebrates with its agency NewScreen. Together, they launch the anthem for hungry football fans in co-creation with content creator Waythes and its Discord community. Not to mention the mood they set on TikTok…

Domino’s is crossing over into Discord!

On Discord, an interactive chat platform, Waythes brings together the largest community in France (+42,000 members). The community has a habit of meeting on its server to sing together. And this thanks to the platform’s sound functions. For the occasion, Domino’s is teaming up with Waythes to offer a unique and participatory project to its community. Together they compose and produce the anthem of hungry followers, fans of pizzas and aperitif boxes launched for the occasion!

For Romain Jost, co-founder of NewScreen, comments: ” We are pleased to have accompanied Domino’s in this first Discord activation. To connect authenticity and sociability, the choice of unprecedented co-creation between a great talent on the platform and a choir of more than 50 subscribers was obvious. We are very excited about the opportunities this platform offers for brands and I thank Isabelle Roche and Chloé Allegre for their trust. »

Image credit: NewScreen

TikTok content designed to be authentic…

Creator Remydavid_ and duos Rayalix and Spectracious cover the sound and offer original cuts. The goal? Bring the passion for football and pizza to life during this great friendly event! The videos are boosted with the goal of accumulating more than 7 million views. Moreover, all users will be able to use this sound and offer their own clip by sharing their moments of fun!


Live the games to the fullest with @Dominos Pizza and their aperitif box to share! You too, take back the anthem and make your music video 😉 | Thanks for singing, you’re the boss #Studiominos

♬ original sound – Wayti

Isabelle Roche, head of brand management at Domino’s Pizza, explains: ” A major sporting event is often accompanied by moments of sharing. The football and pizza duo still works. We wanted an activation that highlights these moments of sharing and this connection between pizza and football. » She continues: ” NewScreen’s idea to offer the supporters’ anthem immediately made sense. Moreover, allowing the co-creation of this anthem between Waythes and its subscribers on Discord was all the more relevant to the gregarious spirit of the activation. Finally, broadcasting the operation on tiktok perfectly matched our goals, with content in the platform’s codes and catchy sound. »

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Image credit: NewScreen

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