Elesa + Eben + MOX + Wonderbraz – Pannonica Season Pannonica (Room), January 11, 2023, Nantes.

Time: 18:00
Free: yes Free access.

Pannonica invites Brittany(s) World Sounds. Bretagne(s) World Sounds is a collective that brings together world music players. On the occasion of the BIS (Biennales Internationales du Spectacle), it organizes three showcases that show the diversity of its members’ proposals. Elesa: For Elesa, the Mze Shina Quartet teams up with Iranian percussionist Milad Pasta. The ensemble sings mainly a cappella songs about ploughing, harvesting, marriage while accompanying themselves on traditional Georgian instruments. A magnificent encounter between these polyphonic songs and the sound of Iranian percussion.> Denise Schaffer: voice / Craig Schaffer: voice / Ronan Mancec: voice / Jean-Félix Hautbois: voice, davul / Milad Pasta: voice, daf, zarb Eben: With Eben, the song makes the connection between kan ha diskan and many contemporary colors, the lyrics evoke women, migrants, indigenous people. The particularly silky arrangements benefit from the musicians’ great experiences.> Jonathan Dour: violin / Enora Jegou, Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Le Guillou: vocals / Antine Lahay: guitar / Julien Stévenin: double bass MOX: The MOX, or Mixture of OXydes, is a energy fuel for the trance. A hybrid precipitate in a dissolution of Breton dances. The combustion takes place around a rhythm of Breton dance music, which collides with atoms present in their natural state (world music, jazz, etc.), all enriched with electronics> François Badeau: diatonic accordion, machines / Emmanuel Birault: drums, machines / Gweltaz Hervé: saxophones, machines Wonderbraz: Supporting music and images, Wonderbraz strives to report on the history and place of women in the world’s great sound system and in the musical heritage. With her insight and her sensitivity, she dwells on the way women make the world dance, on all continents, at all times, in all genres of music.> Yuna Le Braz: mix / Thierry Salvert: video / Thomas Quéré and Thomas Saouzanet : his

Pannonica (room) Hauts-Pavés – Saint-Félix Nantes 44000