Eric Antoine with morbid obesity: this very special diet that helped him a lot

During an interview with Le Magazine l’Equipe, Eric Antoine indulged in some confidences about his relationship with his body.

Eric Antoine is now a skilled animator. In fact, the comic magician has managed to make his way onto the M6. With his impressive physique, he is part of the jury for France has incredible talentindulged in a few confidences for our colleagues from The magazineCrew. He thus returned to his appearance, the one who suffered from his great size. “When I was 13 I gained 20 cm in a year and a half and went from 1.72 m to over 1.90 m. Suddenly you become taller than adults. It’s very complicated in relation to seduction and space. I constantly bumped into myself and breaking everything I touched”, he explained.

This body has also prevented him from playing sports. “My growth problems made me stop playing sports completely. (…) I have a love-hate relationship with my body. Sometimes it is my companion, my tool. (…) And on the other hand, it is a curse because I always feel a little out of this world. There is no place I go that I feel good in. Clothes are hard to find and shoes too…”.

A specific diet

The comedian will then become obese : “What bothers me more than my size is my weight. I have a complex relationship with food, especially sugar.” To get better, then he insisted on a certain diet : “What helped me a lot is intermittent fasting. I also became a vegan three years ago. It is an ethical, philosophical and ecological choice that I defend. (…) But if I had the power to do so, I would lift a dozen kilos When, like me, you experienced morbid obesity, when you yo-yoed four or five times from 135 to 115 kg, you really see the daily difference in your fatigue, your mind, the way you talk, the desire not to be seen , not dressing… I have come a long way, but not yet”.

Eric Antoine: “It’s strange to be two meters”

still now, Erik Anthony has problems with his appearance : “Lately I had the feeling of looking outside for something that was missing inside. I was looking for love at any cost, from everyone, from as many people as possible to make up for the one I didn’t have. don’t show – A course I think is quite classic in the end for many artists [prise de] awareness has come to me quite strongly lately”. If now, he assumes himself as he is, the eyes of others may be difficult to apprehend : “It’s strange to be 2 meters, it’s strange to be 120 kilos. It’s strange, it freaks out other people, it freaks out people you’re in love with. It freaks out girls, of course. And then you feel clumsy, it is not very happy. Now I say to myself, ‘But what luck!’ When I started my career, we didn’t say, ‘Eric Antoine.’ We said, ‘You know, the big guy with the hair in the wind And we knew immediately who it was! So lucky to have a somewhat strange physique…”.

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