Eva Longoria shares her secret to pimping her pasta: a single ingredient that makes the difference!

After launching her new brand of pots, Eva Longoria is at it again! This time, the American actress abandons the kitchen equipment and plunges us directly into the heart of her plate. The most flamboyant of Desperate Housewives has actually revealed one of his favorite pasta recipes on social networks, lemon paste. Forget the pasta with pesto and spaghetti bolo and you have them lemon paste that All-Hollywood will be ripped off very soon!


Lemon, the star of Eva Longoria’s pasta al limone

Like many gourmets, Eva Longoria especially appreciates it Italian food. The proof with his last video published on his Instagram account on December 13, 2022, which brings a pasta dish from the Amalfi Coast, the famous lemon paste.

As their name suggests, these lemon paste play the citrus fruit card. A tangy scent often associated with desserts that will bring freshness and a boost to your homemade farfalle. To be sure, neither one nor two, try Eva Longoria’s lemon pasta recipe!

What is Eva Longoria’s Lemon Pasta Recipe?

That lemon pastee by Eva Longoria prepared with ease in the kitchen of the American star has already collected almost 40,000 likes. How to make the trendiest pasta of all time at home!

• To start, you need to cook 300 g farfalle pasta in boiling water as usual.

• Then melt 30 g of butter in the pan. Pour 50 cl beef or vegetable broth and 30 g of heavy cream then mix it all with a whisk. Add finally 3 generous tablespoons of pasta cooking water in the sauce.

• Add the juice 3 squeezed lemons in the sauce and 200 g grated parmesan then let it reduce.

• Finally, mix the drained pasta with the lemon sauce. Feel free to add some leftover chicken pieces and why not, a little bit fresh basil or dried. It’s time to treat yourself to this Italian recipe with American sauce 😉

Photo credit: Eva Longoria / Instagram


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