Excluded. Why is Thibault Chanel (Search apartment or house) so discreet about his private life? He replies

Published with Search for an apartment or house on the M6, Thibault Chanel, on the other hand, is very secretive about his private life. A point he returned to during an interview he gave us.

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Since 2006 has Search for an apartment or house regularly mark M6 viewers’ evenings. In addition to systematic monitoring Stephane Plazafans of the show have discovered other estate agents that have since become emblematic of the program, such as Lyonnaise Sandra ViricelThe Brittany specialist Agnes Bardoux or Alsace Mathieu Beyer. But there are also the program’s “globetrotters” who cross France to find nuggets of gold for the participants: Thibault Chanel. If he shares moments from his professional everyday life and some film shoots, however, the real estate agent is much less talkative about his private life.

It’s only about me“, released Thibault Chanel about his private life

I am quite discreet, especially when it comes to my private life. As the name suggests, it is private“, Thibault Chanel told us.”I don’t want to reveal my private life. I don’t want to expose the people in my family and those around me who haven’t asked anyone. It’s only about me“, he added. But last June, the fortysomething made a small exception by announcing on his Instagram account that he had become the father of a little girl.”I just said I was a father because it was a moment of great happiness… which was not poorly conveyed“, he also noted.

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Stéphane Plaza’s delicate attention

Since then, Thibault Chanel has enjoyed every moment with her little one, but away from prying eyes. If Stéphane Plaza has not yet been able to meet the beloved child, he has “seen in photo and video“, the happy father assured us. Furthermore, PAF’s most famous real estate agent showed himself especially”affected“at the announcement of his colleague’s paternity.”It really touched me“, Thibault Chanel explained to us. Among the team of Search for an apartment or house, only Sandra Viricel, to whom Thibault Chanel is very close, has already had the chance to kiss the little girl during a visit to the capital. There was also a lovely moment left in a private setting.

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