Faustine Bollaert’s talent show amazes internet users

This Thursday, December 22, the program “Prodiges” stunned Internet users. Screenshot of France 2

This Thursday, December 22, a new issue of “Prodiges” was broadcast on France 2. The evening was therefore marked by emotions for the viewers. Unanimously, netizens were amazed by these young talents and by the “goodwill” coming out of this program.

During this school holiday period, France Télévisions has shaken up its usual programme. For two weeks, viewers will not find Faustine Bollaert in the daily program “It starts today”. But don’t panic… The presenter is still on the air and has decided to close this end of the year in style. This Thursday, December 22, Maxime Chattam’s wife was at the control of a new number of “Prodigies” broadcast on France 2, and she shone with her benevolence and her empathy towards young candidates.

For this new edition, 15 young talents aged between 9 and 16 have decided to take to the stage to showcase their incredible talent. Three categories are represented in this program made in France 2, namely dance, practicing an instrument and singing. And to judge and judge these young virtuosos, “Prodiges” asked three unusual jurors: the star dancer Marie-Claude Pietragalla, known to have been a judge in “Dance with the stars”, the cellist Gautier Capuçon and finally the soprano Julie Fuchs. To accompany these talented children, the conductor Zahia Ziouani also sped up with his Divertimento orchestra. There’s no denying it, viewers were there to discover this new and much-awaited track of season 9 of “Prodigies.”

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“Absolutely amazed by the young prodigies”

And if the programs in most cases divide Internet users, “Prodiges” has disrupted this trend. This entertainment was unanimous on the web and bewitched all subscribers of the social network blue bird. For them “Prodiges” is “refreshing”, “charitable” and above all of great “elegance”. Suffice to say, this classic talent show wowed viewers as Christmas approached. Moreover, for some it is “the most beautiful show of the year”, and the latter transported them in a whirlwind of emotions. Internet users have even advised the production of “Dancing with the Stars” to take some seeds for the next seasons.

In 2021, it was Simon who won the eighth season of “Prodiges”. The young lad became the second clarinetist to win this show, after Marin in 2016. But then, which talent will succeed Simon? RSVP Thursday, December 29 for the finale of “Prodiges.”

VIDEO – Prodigies: Who won the 2021 edition?

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