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Prix ​​de Sille Le Guillaume in Vincennes on Thursday, November 25, 2022

Direction Vincennes Thursday 25 November 2022 to Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de Sille le Guillaume must compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2850 metres, and endowed with €65,000.

In this case, Flower Ball (16) could not dream of a better commitment to the earnings cap. Jean-Michel Bazire, who regularly associates with him, is suspended. She will develop unshod on all four feet. Now it still needs to be calmed down. She has not been convincing in her behavior this fall. This is a great opportunity to get back to winning ways, but is she on top?

Secrets of Geny

Hughes Levesque: Favorite of Iton (1) satisfied me for his debut on the climb because he didn’t have a great course, traveled a lot with his nose into the wind. After all, he was brave all the way to the post in a very good mileage reduction and beaten by very good horses. I am hoping for a good performance for this return to the trot as it seems to have remained very well after a good period of recovery.

Eq. Alain and Arnaud Chavatte: Enzo River (2) ran very badly in early October in Corsica. After he arrived he fell ill and had to be stopped for a while. Here it is a true comeback. This race will be necessary for him in light of a claim on December 6. You have to see him run here.

Alphonse Vanberghen: Erolina (3) ran really well in Strasbourg last time, where she was very flexible. It is consistent, in good shape and will enjoy the course on offer. Since she runs undercover, it should go well. If so, she has a chance in this fifth.

Damien good: Dragster de Bomo (4) had a very good last winter but was unconvincing in his last races. I thought the end of his career was near, but since he has been at Grosbois, he has shown a different face. He is much better and more awake. It comes in a class of its own. Judging by what he shows in training, he can mix in the fifth with good odds.

Christian Bigeon: El Santo Haufor (5) had to trot for a long time with his nose to the wind and he got stuck last time. His previous run was good. He had only belatedly been able to express himself when he had the resources. He is in excellent physical shape in training and enrollment remains favorable. It should not be neglected because a place remains within reach.

Benoît Blachet: Eclair du Mirel (6) has not run for almost two years after problems with tendinitis in her front legs. He re-qualified last, but still very rusty. It will take two or even three runs before it finds the right pace.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Falco Berry (7) will find the tense trot for this good engagement at first level. He has developed in good form since winning Nantes. It is perhaps more efficient when it is now mounted with an extra light weight. Its margin is reduced at this level. He is able to position himself by getting over others.

Leo Abrivard: Faster Syga (8) was quickly found to be the culprit recently when he made a comeback after an eight-month absence. This race must therefore be considered a new start. He needs to run and is not efficient in this specialty. You can reject it.

Cyrille Buhigné: Ezalyo Smart (9) was sent off after taking the lead in the downhill recently. He then found himself lost, with his blinkers and his net, breathing badly. Since then he has been working hard and practicing, last Saturday in Laval, to prepare as well as possible for this engagement. This time he will be tackled from all four legs. I think he is capable of winning fifth or even fourth place.

Pierre Belloche: Forum Meslois (10) could not come back from the second part of the field recently. I present it every four days. I’m also going to take off the blinders that haven’t been helpful recently and put the closed hood back on him. He needs to calm me down right away.

Jean-Philippe Mary: Diadème Blue (11) is getting older but he kept his game well in Craon than Nantes recently. I will present it wisely under the saddle this winter, and with a light weight. He discovers a good commitment. I find it on the rise. Of course there is adversity, but I consider it competitive for a fifth, sixth place at this level. I shunted him four feet to the apartment.

Clement Thomas: Etoile de Quesny (12) was well behaved at the beginning of November. She could have been even more dangerous if she had had a full opening. Since then she seems to have held up at least as well in training. She discovers an amazing opportunity, without foreigners or young people. She has a very good card to play in this fifth.

Emmanuel Varin: Ranchval Fairy (13) ran well last time and finished well behind in a good field. I gave it to Grosbois, and I have the impression that it did him good. It is a good commitment. It has to go well because she needs to get on the others, but I expect a selective pace to serve her interests. I expect a good performance.

Arnaud Desmottes: Espoir d’Elphigny (14) has been at home for three weeks and is doing well. It is well on its way to gains, but is aging a bit. For the first places it can be a bit tight. We hope to be fourth-fifth, knowing that he can continue as a wait.

Yannick-Alain Briand: Cagnoise d’Agon (15) is 10 years old but in good shape. The obligation encourages me to present it in the capital instead of going to the Salon-de-Provence on Sunday. It will be removed from the front legs with resin. She needs the right run, but she is capable of finishing at the finish.

A summary: 7-2-5-8-15-14-13-16 The press summary: 7 – 12 – 16 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 1 – 3

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