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Direction Vincennes this Sunday 4 December 2022 to Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the finalists of the Grand National du Trot must compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2850 metres, and endowed with €150,000.

In this event, Fragonard Délo (1) remained on top and thrives in Vincennes as well as in the provinces. You just have to hide the effort from him. This Finale is certainly very well composed, but it is not out of the question for the small places, after a good race, according to Franck Leblanc.

Secrets of Geny

Christian Bigeon: Gull of Haufor (2) was not good in the stage of Mauquenchy. I think he thought he was in training mode since he wasn’t barefoot. His previous outing in Nantes was very good. He shows excellent physical fitness during training. It is never as effective as “D4” in Vincennes. Several horses have a good chance in this fifth, he is one of them. You must redeem it.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Careful de Muze (3) hung on recently, otherwise he would have played a leading role. Physically, he is doing very well. He prepared diligently and in good conditions for this long-term goal. He has my trust.

Sylvain Roger: Edy du Pommereux (4) has made really good value recently, in a very good time and in a very strong field. The opposition will still be tough on this occasion. If he got to the finish at the end of the combination of the fifth, using a good trip, he would have run very well.

Mathieu Mottier: Fakir de Mahey (5) has had a remarkable season in every respect. He had taken a little break after the summer. He quickly returned to his best, as evidenced by his success when he returned three weeks ago. I found the Mauquenchy scene placed a little too close to the finale. He will present himself to the best. I think Gently de Muze will be hard to beat, but my partner has a good role to play.

Hughes Levesque: Gamay de l’Iton (6) ran very well last time, on a track he enjoyed. It’s great, but I think this batch is obviously much stronger than Mauquenchy’s and the track profile is maybe a little less favorable. That said, he may still be the best horse in the race. We must not throw ourselves into battle from the start, but save our strength for the end.

Loic Chaudet: Déesse Noire (7) was very good as there was a bit of a stir in the field last time. She was hit by another competitor and made the mistake. I appeal to her at once, for she did not run. I think there will be trains that would not serve it, on the contrary. We are racing for fourth or fifth place with the help of a good track.

Frank Harel: Eire d’Hélios (8) was certainly not ready enough last time. We left her in irons last at Mauquenchy to give her a course, with a view to this final where she is well placed at the nearest post. She looks more toned. Expressing oneself requires a good course. If this is the case, it is able to finish on arrival.

Alexis Garandeau: Farah des Caux (9) has completely put us at ease recently. She had tenderness in one foot. She will again be tackled in front and “DP”. She had won the first stage of the GNT, but the opposition in this final is very tough. That said, a sustained pace can allow it to grab a small spot.

Matthew Abrivard: Fine Colline (10) did not miss his first goal in the meeting recently. It still works well in the winter. Several races were available for her, I finally chose this final. The resistance is raised, but it follows all the trains. With several good chances at the far post, she can take advantage of a good car to be brought back and place her point, to play the main roles.

Stéphane Meunier: Django du Bocage (11) will run in improvement on his Mauquenchy performance, which was a rhythmic race. He was fine Monday morning at work. Resistance is raised, especially at the first level. Making the distance won’t be obvious. We will aim for fifth place.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Fairplay d’Urzy (12) is good in work, but in competition has gone poorly recently, especially for his return to Vincennes. Behind it was very good. You have to go the distance and he needs a clear course. However, it seems to me in advance very competitive for a place in fifth. He is really good at training.

Eric Gilles Blot: Echo de Chanlecy (13) has to go the distance this time, it’s more complicated. So the goal is to try to win the tournament. You must have a good run. If it goes well, he could be number four or five.

Matthew Abrivard: Duel du Gers (14) proved that he had returned to the top after experiencing health problems. After two second places in Vincennes, he did well on the Mauquenchy stage. The party is very well composed, but it is voluntary. Although he always seems in trouble, he does not let go. It must use its good physical condition to get a place.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Feydeau Seven (15) doesn’t seem bad at work to me. He must repeat in the competition. I’m a little skeptical beforehand. He has to calm me down. I detached him from all four feet for this fine engagement in the second step. Now I have a little doubt.

Gilles Curens: Gladys des Plaines (16) had missed her comeback, but I plead guilty. I didn’t put it on properly. She reassured me recently at Mauquenchy, although she could only follow. It is on the rise and this excursion will enable it to come to fruition. It remains shod and does not perform well at the trot. You can reject it. It must be restrained when it comes out from under the saddle.

Jean-Loïc Claude Dersoir: Cash du Rib (17) runs very well in Saint-Galmier. He was not very happy, but the time is very good. He hasn’t had any interesting runs since. Here it takes up fifty metres. It’s mission impossible. This race will do him good before he may have to race at Cagnes in the Christmas Grand Prix. He is 10 years old, but still remains extra, cheerful, flexible and envious, but he must be seen again.

A summary: 3 – 6 – 10 – 2 – 15 – 14 – 13 – 5 The press summary: 10-3-6-2-15-5-13-9

Equidia: 3-2-6-13-5-10-15-12
The Parisian: 10 – 6 – 3 – 2 – 15 – 13 – 5 – 9
Paris Turf: 3-2-6-5-10-12-13-15


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