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Direction Toulouse this Sunday 27 November 2022 to Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Max Sicard Prize must compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2400 metres, and equipped with €60,000.

In this event, Blue Swan (7) has not been able to shine of late in a recent run. In his defence, the event was particularly tactical that day and the race scenario had not been conducive to this wait-and-see attitude. Admittedly, its margin at this level is quite small. However, if the race is selective on Sunday, this good finisher is not out of the question for a place. Especially since the state of the earth doesn’t mean much to him.

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Domingos Miguel Batista Ribeiro: Say Good Buy (1) had his tongue swallowed second last time and won very easily last time. He is in good shape. The distance and the very soft terrain should suit him. I think he will be in the top five.

Guillermo Arizkorreta Elosegui: Jo Pickett (2) was claimed not long ago. Finally, things did not go well in Madrid, where he was a little too lively. He returns to a racetrack and field where he won last year in the same event. I am happy for him at work. We’ll see what that brings, because we’re getting to know him.

Ms. Barbara Valenti: Qatar River (3) does not run in the summer because he does not like hard tracks. On the other hand, he greatly appreciates the soft tracks. It had a very good comeback last time on the same course and will be better this time. He is in good shape and likes Toulouse very much. Also, he was second in this competition last year. I trust him.

Eric Libaud: Equinoxe (4) had back problems during the summer, which is why he ran a little. He ran very badly at Deauville because the good surface gave resonances in the back. Since then, with the softening of the terrain, it has been much better. It is still as good as in Dieppe and the lot is quite homogeneous. I think he has a right to behave well.

Jean-Claude Rouget: Pouvoir Royal (5) has been attractive of late in a lower category, he will find himself at La Cépière facing the first goal of the winter. The race is not easy, but the horse will have freshness, suitability for the track and heavy ground. He will then aim for the Grand Prix de Cagnes.

Philippe Sogorb: Up Helly (6) has just been narrowly beaten on this course by Pouvoir Royal. That day we were 4 kilos heavier than him. It is available in equal weight. I hope to have our revenge, even though the latter was only on his second outing. His only failure occurred at St-Cloud, over a distance that was too long. He has just proven that the heavy ground does not bother him. Regular and honest, it’s worth so much.

Elias Mikhalides: Royal Force (9) did not blow at all after the race last time, his performance is incomprehensible. We think it’s a race to forget. The 2,400 meters with soft ground will be more advantageous for him. This year it is a little less regular than last year, but for me it has to be resumed.

Didier Prod’homme: Prince de Montfort (10) has responded again recently. Only surpassed by a horse capable of very good values ​​on heavy ground. Prince de Montfort introduced himself more closely that day. It has since recovered. And worked well on the sand for this trip. A very soft surface is expected, and the 6 in the stalls is a good thing for him.

Alain Couetil: Santa Zoo (11) ran very well on this course last time, beaten by very little. Since then I have been waiting a bit for the very soft ground, because it is much better that way. I trust her.

Jean-Marie Beguine: Circe (12) runs one last time before he goes to stud. She approaches this race with freshness and excellent morale. Soft ground would be welcome on Sunday.

Alfonso Tomas Nunez Troyano: Maracay (13) has suffered an injury which has not allowed him to reach the same level as last year. We think she has recovered and we want to take advantage of her fitness. Also, his recent performances are good. The distance and the soft surface should suit him. We take the trip with ambitions.

Julien Carayon: Diva Donna (14) is still on a very good try at Saint-Cloud. I hope it will rain by Sunday because the heavier it is the better it will be for her. She is doing really well and has worked well for this race. I hope she can repeat what she just showed us.

Edward Monfort: Nearlo of Saints (15) is in good form. We try the test here, on heavy ground. The race is pretty open. I think the filly, at this value, still has a little room to play, which is why I entered her. We go there as an outsider, but I’m counting on his form.

Jerome Reynier: Olympia (16) will develop on a course that has already succeeded, and the terrain will not bother her. The large number of starters must be taken into account.

Nicholas Clement: Control Tower (17) runs close after his good attempt at St-Cloud but remained in good form. The ground will be in his favor and the distance, shorter than during his last attempt, will not be a problem. The only question mark remains the long offset. She had run poorly as a 3-year-old in Toulouse, but there were only eight days between her two races. Before stud we hope to finish well.

A summary: 14-5-16-17-10-1-4-12 The press summary: 5 – 10 – 16 – 17 – 6 – 4 – 13 – 14

Equidia: 5-6-10-17-12-16-3-4
Europe1: 10-6-17-16-14-11-5-1
The Parisian: 17-6-14-5-3-10-16-1
Alsace: 10-13-6-17-12-15-5
Paris Turf: 5-17-16-10-6-4-3-11
RTL: 4-5-10-17-6-3-1-2


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