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The Triton Prize in Vincennes on Friday, November 26, 2022.

Direction Vincennes Friday 25 November 2022 to Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Triton will compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2700 metres, and endowed with €44,000.

In this event, Give Me (9) is very consistent, having finished in the top three of the last seven races he has contested. He did the same during the four events where he participated on the main track in Vincennes, where he has just experienced his first success. He likes to wait and knows how to finish quickly. If all goes well, he will have a good card to play. Gamin des Perdrix (15) is coming back well, as he has won three times on grass in particular during the summer period. He also ran well for his return to a sand track at Caen on 8 October. It has a preparation race in the legs and promises to be competitive with a good ride.

Secrets of Geny

Benjamin Goetz: Fonzy d’Héripré (1) happily won his first outing during my training, at La Capelle, where he very easily made the difference in the straight. He moves up the category and will face 6-year-olds, but he has remained at his best and will be barefoot this time. I expect him to play the good roles like this quint.

Aymeric Thomas: Gipsy Ajité (2) ran very well on 24 October. Then he was unlucky, falling victim to a move at the end of the first turn and hitting the steering wheel of a rival. He seems to have held up well. I didn’t sharpen it for this run though. It was ready three weeks ago. It is developing in its category. You have to persevere, but he can compete at this level.

Gabriel Angel Pou Pou: Gibus de Navary (3) disappointed in his second warm-up race in September. Tests showed he was sick. He had to be arrested again. It is not particularly sharpened for this comeback and remains the shoe. Although I’m not going to stop him from taking a check, his task promises to be complicated.

Emmanuel Varin: Falco du Hamel (4) was not unshoeed last time and it was mainly in anticipation of this engagement. He is not a champion, but he is a brave horse who does what he can. It will be hard to win, but he can finish from third to fifth after a hidden track.

Florian Prioul: Genlou Blond (5) has reached a plateau for a few weeks. He felt a little worse at the end of the summer. We took off. He won very well in Les Sables. He had been removed from the reins and given downward flashes, which had a beneficial effect. He confirmed in Bordeaux, where he was only able to express himself late. He will be barefoot this time. You have to hide, but it has its place on arrival.

Frank LeBlanc: General de Loiron (6) still ran very well, recently in Bordeaux. It always provides good value when you can hide the effort from it. In the process, he benefits from favorable access. He stayed on top and worked well this Tuesday morning at Grosbois. I expect him to finish fifth.

Benjamin Goetz: Gassman d’Essa (7) left me with a very good impression, for his comeback, recently in Amiens. He made for a good finish to the race after waiting behind. He had made an excellent start to his career before being less successful. He is well on his way and will be barefoot this time. That shouldn’t be far from the truth. My two pensioners have a similar chance.

Loic Peschet: Gibus (8) was very comfortable at his pace with the plates in his forelegs lately. He had to cover almost the whole course to win, but defended very well. He ran in a month. Here it’s a little closer, which doesn’t bother you at all. He has fully recovered and looks very well. He has my trust.

Yannick Henry: Gold Fly (10) recently joined my team. He leaves a positive impression on me and has worked well at Grosbois, where he has been stationed for just over a week. I want to kick him away, even though I know he has often been guilty of this configuration. I will compensate by putting some emphasis on it. If he doesn’t lose his balance, he should be in a good position.

Romain Derieux: Festival d’Orient (11) finally relaxed for his return to Vincennes. It is better to get over others. Definitely. I will try to use this tactic this time. It works better that way. It is necessary to rub mainly at 6 years old. Nevertheless, he must finish upon arrival.

Jean-Luc Bigeon: Garou Pierji (12) now has several runs in his legs after being arrested this summer. He ran every time. He has not run for more than a month, but I tried to prepare him as well as possible for this favorable participation. It will be put on as under its good performance. It seems to me that it could finish in fifth place.

Jacques Etienne Thuet: Gabelou Carisaie (13) ran out of juice to finish last. Returning twenty-five meters to good horses was not easy. He was only tackled in front and that didn’t help either. It looks good in work, but after a very good season it may be a little faded. We also need to see if it is the real Vincennes horse. It is better if it is hidden. We are hoping for a small place.

Dominik Locqueneux: Gino Viva (14) repeats all his races. He finds a resistance similar to November 4th. It still needs to defend itself well and actively contest the finish. I loosened him four feet this time.

Alphonse Vanberghen: Gorlando (16) discovers a task that is a little more difficult than my other resident Erolinas in the Thursday day the day before. He should have a good run. If it is well located, I see it as a small place.

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