Finistère and Morbihan in orange alert “waves-immersion”

In the afternoon, an episode of strong waves, which could cause flooding, is expected at the tip of Brittany around the open sea.

Finistère and Morbihan were placed on Thursday, November 24 in the morning in orange alert “waves immersionby Meteo-France. In the afternoon, an episode of strong waves is expected on the Breton tip around the open sea.

In a context of high tides, the combination of high sea levels and very strong waves requires special attention.” said the weather service in its 06h bulletin.

Sea level rise

The south-westerly winds remain strong on the coast and maintain a strong sea, to which is combined a strong west-north swell generated by the strong winds blowing offshore and spreading across the Atlantic coast. This heavy swell is expected to continue throughout the day Thursday and then begin to subside overnight Thursday into Friday.

On the other hand, the atmospheric conditions are the cause of a rise in the sea level (surmount), which increases the already high sea levels during the Thursday afternoon high tide (coefficient 96).

The combination of this strong swell and these high sea levels can cause submergence by crossing sea masses on the low or vulnerable parts of the coast of Finistère and Morbihan, mainly at the time of open sea on Thursday afternoon.


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