Five sure signs that your partner will soon break up with you

You can’t read each other’s thoughts. No matter how connected you feel or how things seem to be going in the relationship, you never know when the end might come. Sooner or later the clues that something is wrong show up because there are more fights than before, or you’ve found out things about each other that you didn’t really know and don’t like.

Who knows ? Or maybe there is no apology or explanation at all. One day, just like that, the other person doesn’t feel anything anymore and wants to end the relationship. But there are certain signs that can be very helpful in knowing if something is wrong or if it’s just a feeling. Especially if you have only been together for a short time and his attitude suddenly changes at certain times or in certain situations. Best Life magazine has collected a few so you won’t be caught off guard and be the one to judge whether your romance is really worth fighting for or it’s time to turn the page on this chapter of your life.

Less physical intimacy

If you have been together for years, it is normal that the moments of passion are not as frequent or as pleasant as in the beginning, but if you are just starting out and suddenly notice that he does not want to have sex with you, this is a bad sign. After all, the beginning of a relationship is always the best part. If he or she just doesn’t want you anymore, maybe something is wrong and you need to sit down and talk about it.

Look for plans on the sidelines

Not only can it be a sign of the end of a relationship if you don’t have that many intimate relationships, but also if you avoid spending time together and look for other people to fill your time with. Of course, it is always healthy to have a large circle of friends, personal or shared, that you can live off of. Friends should not be left out, but if one of you turns to them often enough, something may be broken between the two of you.

If your conversations have been too superficial for several days, sit down and have a proper chat to see what happens.

You might get a pillow to lean on when it all blows up, says Trisha Wolfe, marriage counselor and therapist. It’s also true that you’re just looking to hang out and have fun because your relationship has become monotonous or boring. Either way, it’s important to be able to talk openly and honestly about the status of your relationship.

He doesn’t talk as much as before

Lack of communication is another indication that something is not going as it should. If you’ve had a number of days where your conversations are too perfunctory or end with ” I do not know“, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t talk as much as you used to. This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong between the two of you, but that other external factors such as stress or boredom from routine may also be to blame, as Beth Ribarsky, an American psychologist, explains. Either way, if you don’t talk much, the best thing to do is start an open conversation to see what might be hurting your communication (aside from redundancy).

Avoid future plans

Next year’s holiday or next month’s holiday. When you used to rush to ask your partner what ride you’d like to go on next, and suddenly it’s over, that’s a bad sign. Like how you should celebrate Christmas, for example. Making long-term plans signals that you count on the other person in the future, and when there are long or evasive comments that don’t want to bring up the subject, the other person is likely to wait to look forward to other things and activities. Only this time without you.

No interest in problem solving

Okay, so if you have all the cards on the table and one or both agree that there is a problem, it’s time to fix it. Maybe spend some time apart, go to therapy or do more activities together. However, if the other person is not interested in resolving what has become entrenched in the relationship, it is a possible sign that everything is coming to an end. Or at least it is about to remain as it is, that is, in a dead end. If it happens, forget it: this person is not for you, or if it was, you should look for someone else who will make you happier and with whom you can live in company.

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