Florent Pagny and his cancer: how he knew before anyone else that it was wrong

Florent Pagny rose like a Phoenix after battling lung cancer this year. A struggle that he and his relatives especially want to evoke in the documentary Florent Pagny: A free man by Michel Jankielewicz, broadcast January 1 on TF1, from 13.40.

It was on 25 January 2022 that the public discovered that Florent Pagny was affected by cancer. The 61-year-old singer broke the terrible news to his fans through a video posted on social media. “I have a rather special announcement to make. I will not be able to complete my 60th anniversary tour. I have to cancel all my concerts due to a health problem. I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor that cannot be operated on, so I have to enter a 6-month protocol with chemotherapy and X-rays. Sorry, but you all know that the most important thing in life is health“, he said in particular.

When he got Covid-19, Florent Pagny had a nasty cough among the symptoms. If many people have been affected by this, the former trainer has too The voice knew that it was not only due to this disease. “He told me, ‘As soon as my test is negative, I will do a chest X-ray because something is wrong, Azu“, confides his wife Azucena CaamaƱo in the documentary A free manas revealed by our colleagues from Gala.

When he sets a goal, he doesn’t let go

Unfortunately, Florent Pagny was right when he discovered his cancer after his X-ray. If he already saw himself dying, to the point where he could immediately prepare his funeral with his wife after the diagnosis, the woman he met in 1992 at a dinner party immediately gave him the strength to fight. “I told him to wait, to calm down. The examinations showed that it was a bad tumor, that it was necessary to start severe treatment. Florent began to practice his speech for his audience. It lasted over five minutes. He gave too many details, even the names of the labs. I told him it was wrong. (…) He was believed, but sincere. That was what was needed“said the beautiful brunette. His pillar during his fight where he did not let go thanks to his relatives.”It’s a bit like the song’s MBappĆ©. When he sets a goal, he doesn’t let go“, says his friend Michel Jankielewicz.

Today, Florent Pagny is better and has even planned to go back on stage from June to July 2023. A nice revenge.

These confidences and many others can be found in the magazine Gala of 29 December 2022.

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