Cancer is not the first illness that brought Florent Pagny closer to death. The singer had previously been hospitalized due to alcohol.

Florent Pagny is facing cancer

The least we can say is that this year has been difficult for the coach of The Voice. By the end of 2021, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The hardest part was for him to announce it to his fans. He only had the courage to do so at the beginning of 2022. Since then, the singer has followed all possible treatments to get rid of this disease.

He had to go through excruciating chemotherapy sessions to recover. But it looks like it’s all been worth it. Take effect, the 61-year-old artist recently admitted that he felt better and better. He is now enjoying his recovery in Patagonia. But Florent Pagny had already been in such poor form previously.

This addiction cost him dearly

This story goes back to 1991. At that time, the current coach of The Voice was still with the famous Vanessa Paradis. And as his biographer Éric Le Bourhis reports, the singer was very tired at the time. Then one night everything had fallen on him, as much the doubts about his career as the turbulence his couple was experiencing.

The singer then started drinking again and again until he ended up in the hospital. According to what Florent Pagny confided to the Marc-Olivier Fogiel program, he could have died that night.

Florent Pagny on the phone with Vanessa Paradis’ mother

After that night, the singer had to stay a few days in the American hospital in Neuilly. Many of his relatives had come to visit him, including his friend Jean Carmet. As you might expect, Vanessa Paradis was at his bedside. Another person was also present for him.

It was the singer’s mother who reassured him over the phone. The two women seemed to want to offer all their support to Florent Pagny. And this despite the friction that remained in his relationship with Vanessa.