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Nothing stops pasta lovers from experimenting and innovating. All it took was pasta, some toasted feta and a few cherry tomatoes to rock social networks! Easy, delicious and ready in 30 minutes, flat, baked feta pasta is the new food craze of internet users that has flooded the web. Hashtags like #TikTokPasta, #uunifeta and #fetapasta are floating all over social media. From TikTok to Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook, it’s almost impossible not to fall for the viral recipe. But why exactly such enthusiasm? What is the history of toasted feta pasta? How to prepare them at home? All the answers in our article of the day!

Baked feta pasta: craze, history and preparation

With its challenges and advanced editing features, TikTok has become the favorite application for teenagers during the confinement period. Since its appearance, it has shaken up the codes of virality on the web. And as expected, dance videos were quickly replaced by cooking videos. As a result, a very special recipe has just flooded the feed of app users. It’s a very simple but brilliant idea that people have copied by combining pasta with roasted feast and baked tomatoes. The result ? A delicious and comforting dish that we decided to test for you!

baker feta pasta original recipe jenni häyrinen food trend tiktok

While the viral recipe is only now appearing in our food section, it first saw the light of day in 2019 when Finnish blogger Jenni Häyrinen posted a roasted feta and baked tomato pasta recipe on her Instagram account. Minutes after being posted online, the meal caused quite a stir among Finnish internet users, who immediately began reproducing it on a loop. As a result, many cooking videos with the hashtags #TikTokPasta, #uunifeta and #fetapasta have started hitting social media, so much so that supermarkets are running out of cottage cheese.

original recipe uuni feta pasta trend food tiktok 2021

A few days after the publication of the recipe by Jenni Häyrinen, sales of cheese in Finland have skyrocketed, increasing by almost 300%. Figures show that the video has been viewed around 2.7 million times for a population of 5.5 million people in the country. From now on, the day of publication, i.e. February 4, is considered to be that Unifetapasta day or the official feta pasta day in Finland.

complete recipe feta pasta instagram trend jenni häyrinen confinement tiktok

Currently, the phenomenal recipe continues to be imitated by food bloggers all over the world, especially after the emergence of TikTok during the first lockdown. And if this time there was no shortage of stock in the supermarkets, searches for feta exploded online! But why exactly such enthusiasm? The blogger and creator of the feta pasta isn’t quite sure how the meal looked on TikTok.

uunifeta pasta recipe tiktok new fad internet users

With the global craze created by TikTok, the young woman decided to create her own account on the app to publish the original recipe. The idea? Showing off in the kitchen? No way! The blogger simply wanted to show everyone that an essential basic ingredient was left out: red pepper. She also took the opportunity to share a new version of the recipe by replacing the tomatoes with spinach.

baked feta pasta tik tok new dish food internet users recipe pasta toasted cheese

But popularity sometimes comes with its own set of problems. After the huge success of Finnish pasta, another English-speaking food blogger has made history by questioning the chronology of events. Tiiu Piret is another food video lover who has been posting surprising recipes online for several years. She claims that the invention of baked feta pasta belongs to her. In 2018 (a year before Jenni Häyrinen’s recipe) she published a recipe for spaghetti with prosecco and toasted feta on her blog. Faced with the allegations made, Jenni Häyrinen says that she never saw the recipe of her colleague before the publication of hers.

how to cook feta pasta pasta recipe with roasted feta and baked tomatoes

After a discussion on the phone, the two food bloggers decided to bury the hatchet. They also promised to spend less time arguing and more time eating feta.

How to make the famous feta pasta recipe that flooded TikTok!

how to prepare the famous baked feta pasta gourmet trend tiktok jenni häyrinen

Oh, the pasta! We love them because they rhyme with healthy, quick and friendly meals. The only downside? Besides Bolognese sauce and carbonara sauce, we still don’t know how to decorate them. So this is where the baked feta pasta comes in. Original, easy and foolproof, roasted feta pasta is the simplest and most comforting recipe to make right now. The principle of preparation for success? Place a block of feta in an ovenproof dish. Add cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and herbs. Bake until the tomatoes are cooked to perfection. Remove from the oven, add the pasta and voila! Now, here is the complete step-by-step recipe!

how to prepare homemade uuni feta pasta the original recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • 200 g of pasta
  • 450 g cherry tomatoes
  • 5 c. olive oil
  • 400 g feta
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 1-2 tbsp. tsp red pepper flakes
  • fresh basil
  • salt and pepper

tiktok trend uuni feta pasta original recipe step by step


Start by preheating the oven to 200°C. Then prepare the sauce by placing the feta block and tomatoes in an ovenproof dish. Drizzle with olive oil, add garlic, red pepper flakes and season. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. They must be al dente. Finally, remove from the oven and stir well until the feta becomes creamy. Add pasta and fresh basil leaves and toss gently before serving. Enjoy your lunch!

easy and quick baked feta pasta recipe food tiktok trend

Tips and tricks :

For a successful portion of feta pasta, choosing fresh and seasonal ingredients is a must! When it’s not tomato season, you can opt for organic canned tomatoes or replace them with mushrooms for a meal with the flavor of the undergrowth. The winning trio? Pasta Mushroom Bacon! Leeks and spinach are also very suitable for successful baked feta pasta. In the fall, there’s nothing like feta pumpkin pasta! Lovers of slimming recipes can replace the pasta with zucchini tagliatelle with a lower calorie version.

Feta pasta in 3 quick and easy versions

So after mastering the base, you can reject and change the original recipe according to your wishes and taste preferences. So you can add red onion, olives, capers, shrimp, salmon or even chicken. Depending on the season, the baked feta pasta is decorated with broccoli, cauliflower or mushrooms. Some don’t even hesitate to replace the pasta with chickpeas, quinoa or bulgur. Either way, adapt the feta pasta recipe as you see fit to satisfy everyone’s tastes and desires!

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