Following comments from Cyril Hanouna about Lola’s death, the C8 channel was notified by the audiovisual regulatory authority

Arcom, the audiovisual regulatory authority, announced on Friday, November 18, the formal announcement of the editor of the C8 channel after several sequences of the program don’t touch my tv hosted by Cyril Hanouna, about the murder of Lola, a 12-year-old girl who was killed on October 14 in Paris. The main suspect is a 24-year-old Algerian who was required to leave French territory (OQTF).

The mediator, while the judicial inquiry into this case was open, made repeated observations both as to the conditions under which the trial of the defendant was to be held and as to its outcome, particularly as to the pain he would cause him. , than on his psychological profile. In particular, he has repeatedly called for speedy trials and automatic life sentences in such cases. “, the organization writes in a press release.

The Autorité believes that these sequences, by virtue of their repetitive nature, reflect a breach by the publisher of the obligation to deal with moderation with an ongoing legal case, recorded in its discussion of 18 April 2018 regarding honesty and integrity. and the programs that contribute to it. Arcom also notes that the host was able to express his opinion at length without prompt and effective rebuttal against him, disregarding the obligation to respect the expression of the different views on air on a subject. “, adds Arcom.

Arcom has therefore notified the publisher of the C8 channel.

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