Food, beauty, fashion… Pinterest predicts trends for 2023 and it’s surprising

Pinterest is a bit of a diary for anyone who wants to stay ahead of trends. The most creative social network has identified the future trends of 2023 by observing the increase in searches for certain keywords. Judgment? “Rave party aesthetics”, “2000s fashion”, “fringed jacket”, “orange wedding dress”, “origami” or “green algae” will characterize our year, among other things.

On its Pinterest Predicts platform, the social network reveals all the upcoming 2023 trends based on new searches from network users. In its latest report, Pinterest Predicts states: “Users go to Pinterest to plan their future. This means we can predict future trends. For the third year in a row, 80% of the predictions in our report turned out to be correct.” If Pinterest is right again this year, here’s a taste of some trends that should (or shouldn’t) be squatting on our vision boards in 2023:

Fringe, gamer and rave look

On the fashion side: avant-garde outfits, fringes or looks inspired by rave parties or 90s icons, fashion will be far from boring in 2023. Are we ready?

The keywords: “Berlin rave fashion”, “fringed dress outfit”, “Vintage 90’s summer outfits” or “gamer look” have seen a 150 to 3300% increase in search volume for “gamer look”! The looks of our streets in 2023 are likely to be particularly interesting if Pinterest gets it right.

“Burnt Orange Wedding Dress”

On the wedding page, Pinterest Predicts says: “Terracotta and copper shades will be the stars of weddings.” In fact, according to its statistics, the search: “Burnt orange wedding theme” saw a +695% increase in 2022! Leave the white and long live the orange? For those who are still looking for love, originality will be in order, because the bar, restaurant or walk in the park next door is no longer relevant. In 2023, romantic dates will naturally take place at the aquarium or in the bookstore. These searches have actually increased by +235% and 195% respectively!

Seaweed and origami snack

So what will be the favorite dish on our romantic dates? Truffle pasta or a good pizza that we are used to? No. It will be seaweed. Pinterest users searched more than ever (+245% anyway) for the terms: “seaweed snack recipes.”

On the entertainment side is the desire for manual work and more specifically origami. Pinterest Predicts explains in its report: “This trend, which restores paper to its former glory, will appeal to anyone looking to do a digital detox.” So to your “paper animals” and “paper mache furniture” tutorials to really make the connection.

Finally, on the beauty side, maximalism has gone out of fashion. The password is short. “Micro fringe” explodes with +110% searches, while “Micro french manicure” gains 235% more in 2022. To discover all the future trends in 2023 according to Pinterest, go here!

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