Footpath Route Planner, to follow a route with a base map on Apple Watch

While waiting for Apple to allow maps to be downloaded. Plan to be able to follow a route on the Apple Watch, the Footpath Route Planner application takes care of it. Version 4.9 of the newly available app allows the watch to download a map and follow a route from the wrist without a network connection.

It doesn’t seem like much, but the Apple Watch Ultra is sorely lacking, which is nevertheless well-armed between its dual-frequency GPS, which can actually be of significant help, and its Compass application with tracking of the ‘journey. But alas, without a base map, which is still very unfortunate for the Maps editor.

Maybe (hopefully) it will come in a future watchOS update. Footpath Route Planner fulfills this function in a very practical way: Once the route is created on the iPhone (just trace it roughly with your finger, the application will then manage to find the paths to be covered on its own), it is possible to ‘export to see . The app will then download the base topographic map and turn-by-turn directions to an Apple Watch Ultra, Series or SE.

This very handy feature nevertheless requires a subscription, which costs €3.99 per month (€24.99 for one year). A free trial period of 7 days is offered.


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