For Apple, supporting lossless audio on AirPods is not a priority

Despite improved sound quality from generation to generation, Apple AirPods still do not support lossless audio formats. An engineer-acoustician from Apple explains the reasons for such a deficiency in an interview given to a website specializing in audio.

In an interview with Whathifi, Esge Andersen, acoustic engineer at Apple, talks about the design of the AirPods Pro 2 and the choices that had to be made when marketing them, because as he says: “at the end of the account there is always a compromise to be made, we don’t yet know how to make the perfect product for everyone”.

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In-ear headphones have become as iconic objects as the iPhone or iPod in its time. But in the opinion of true audiophiles, the in-ear headphones from the Apple company were it far from offering the best sound quality. At least until the arrival of AirPods Pro. According to the audio engineer, the goal set by Apple for its teams was to ” bring everyone in your pocket AirPods Max “.

With AirPods, Apple’s goal is to provide the best listening experience for all target groups.

If the result of the work of Me Andersen and his colleagues is really heard in the new generation of AirPods Pro 2, the most demanding listeners still regretlack of support for lossless audio formats in the company’s wireless headphones. This is all the more surprising since the company’s music streaming service, Apple Music, offers its music catalog with lossless audio compression.

When the journalist asks him whether Apple intends to soon offer lossless in its wireless headsets, Me Andersen chimes in and answers: “we do not believe that the codecs and the Bluetooth standard currently used are limiting factors for the products sound quality”. According to him, Apple prioritizes the stability of its products. Lossless content uses a lot more bandwidth, and since not everyone has a very fast connection, the most important thing is to “give the best possible experience to as many people as possible … regardless of what hardware is available”.

Source: WhatHifi

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