From 18 Friday in Menton, pizzas at low prices in favor of the Telethon

To participate in the Telethon in its own way, and thus help fight rare or neuromuscular diseases, the French team association of pizza makers has set itself a challenge. Make 1,500 pizzas in 30 hours, sold to benefit the famous charity event. In the same logic as the mobilization for Ukraine, which was organized in March last year, but with a little more spice. Because the production will be non-stop on the Palmero esplanade – from tomorrow at 18.00 and until midnight on Saturday evening.

“Gather All Together”

“The idea is to come together to make things happen. The association does not only participate in competitions, it is also there to carry out humanitarian actions”, slips the president, Laurent Raimondo. Specifies immediately to have received the consent of the treasurer and secretary – Christian Margheriti and Olivier Mazzadi – who will expressly come from Lyon and Bourges. A dozen pizzaïolos are already planned, although any other goodwill is welcome. As for Mentonnais, Luca from Vintage and Fred from Fleur de Mozza have already answered. Local companies and associations as well as the town hall also help to ensure that this “Téléthon’pizz” can be held under the best conditions.

“We will make marguerite pizzas – tomato, mozzarella, basil – so everyone can gather. And during the afternoon rotolini: pizza rolled with chocolateadds Laurent Raimondo. All funds will be donated to the Telethon – we just deduct the purchase of raw materials.

8 euros per pizza

A single price will be applied: 8 euros per pizza. Entertainment will be offered at the same time: rock concerts offered by Sun rock, shows by Orientalys and M’road… The event, which is as unifying as it is festive, can also be followed on Radio’s top page.

The originality is that pizza professionals will not work in shifts, but all together during the entire operation. Before a well-deserved rest on Sunday, then a return to their respective establishments. Where pizza is of course queen.

Information on the Facebook group “Association Équipe de France de Pizzaïolos (Law 1901)”.


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