Garofalo, a saga of Pasta di Gragnano

Raphaële Marchal takes you on a discovery of the cradle of pasta in Italy Garofalo

Follow in the footsteps of Raphaële Marchal. The culinary columnist takes you on a discovery of Gragnano, the cradle of pasta in Italy! A story to enjoy over the episodes of the Saga di Pasta series airing on My Canal.

Gragnano, the cradle of pasta

South of Naples, the Italian town of Gragnano is the historical cradle of pasta. In 2013, this unique product even
gained recognition for his pastry skills with the IGP Pasta di Gragnano. A geographical anchoring, as the historian specializing in Gragnano, Giuseppe di Massa, suggests in the first episode of the Saga di Pasta series. “The proximity to the sea, the reliefs of the Lattari mountains that surround the city, create optimal conditions for drying pasta outdoors. The spring water, which comes from the Lattari mountains, brings a unique character to Pasta di Gragnano IGP. And Garofalo, master pastry chef since 1789, has greatly contributed to the recognition of Gragnano’s know-how throughout the world,” he explains.

A family history

In the second episode of Saga di Pasta, we discover the family history of pasta in Italy. Massimo Menna, pastry chef and CEO of Garofalo, nicknamed “ lo spirito della pasta », is the guarantor of a know-how passed from father to son since 1789. « What makes pasta di Gragnano the best in the world is the quality of the water in Gragnano, the choice of durum wheat from the best sources, the use of bronze molds and the delicate drying of the pasta. Without forgetting our family, Garofalo, which has conveyed the pillars of manufacturing over the centuries. “.

The secrets behind al dente pasta

Whether served as a primi piatti or a main course, Italian pasta is always cooked al dente! A cooking method that follows the rule: 1 liter of water, 100 g of pasta, 10 g of salt. But the famous al dente is also allowed by the manufacturing process. “ At Garofalo, raw materials from the best sources are combined with the brand’s know-how. The resistance and elasticity of our pasta are carefully tested to guarantee excellent resistance to cooking “, explains Gianni Schisa, operational director of Garofalo.

Italian pasta is always cooked al dente ©Raphaële Marchal – Instagram account: enrangdoignons

Probably the most beautiful pasta

Did you know ? There are over a hundred varieties of pasta in Italy. Those of the Garofalo brand, with a studied design, are inspired by nature and their sophisticated shapes allow fantastic dressings. “ Conchiglioni, for example, reproduces the silhouette of seashells with the stripes on their shell explains Rosanna Mainardi, Quality Manager at Garofalo.

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