Go play Dead Cells, available on Apple Arcade

the fantastic Dead cells arriving December 2nd in the Apple Arcade catalog. We can only encourage subscribers to play it.

We don’t often highlight Apple Arcade, the service offered by Apple that provides access to a library of video games. The arrival of Dead cells in the catalog makes us want to do it. This nugget from Motion Twin, a studio located in Bordeaux, launched in August 2018, is one of the best games in recent years. This is a must-have that is capable of capturing your attention for hours.

A little tribute to Castlevania, Dead cells puts you in the costume of a hero who must explore a strange castle. And naturally, his headlong rush will be littered with pitfalls: he will have to fight against multiple opponents and avoid many pitfalls to triumph, knowing that every failure means a return to square one. ” Kill. Die. Learn. start again », such is the creed Dead cellswhich is a little Hades Before Hades in this ability to push players to their limits.

Dead cells is dynamic and reminiscent of past games with its pixel art style. // Source: Motion Twin

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Dead Cells on Apple Arcade // Source: Capture iPhone
Dead Cells on Apple Arcade // Source: Capture iPhone

In addition to its atypical universe, Dead cells is based on nervous and precise gameplay. It gives a lot of satisfaction when mastered. Repeated errors aren’t really a problem in the sense that you unlock new things with each attempt. It is also this motivation that pushes us to continue the adventure: with each attempt we feel stronger and we realize these few extra steps that strengthen the ego. This mechanic is brilliant.

Some might think so Dead cells is starting to show the battle in light of his age. This is far from true: the video game has been constantly refined over time, and of course the version available on Apple Arcade is the latest in terms of updates. Better, it collects the three expansions “The Bad Seed”, “Fatal Falls” and “Queen and the Sea”. They add additional levels, monsters and weapons – as well as bosses to defeat. These DLCs normally cost €4.99 each – the price of a month’s subscription to Apple Arcade (which allows you to discover so many other games).

In its video published on November 29, publisher Playdigious specifies that the Apple Arcade version of Dead cells is the only one that offers online placements on mobile platforms. This specificity means we can complete daily challenges to earn points and move up the hierarchy. To distinguish it from the normal edition available on the App Store, it bears the name Dead cells+.

Dead cells+ is compatible with the following devices :

  • iPhone (iOS 13 and later)
  • iPad (iPadOS 13 and later)
  • iPod touch (iOS 13 and later)
  • Apple TV (tvOS 13 and later)

You can play it with a compatible Bluetooth controller. To connect it to your Apple product, simply follow our guide.

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