Great AI brings back Apple’s stable diffusion, but for free

Amazing AI is a new app that allows you to manage images from a text command. This is also based on the Stable Diffusion engine and more specifically on the version optimized by Apple for Apple Silicon chips. The app is thus reserved for Macs with M1 and M2, Intel models cannot launch it. On the other hand, it offers much higher performance by utilizing all the chips’ components, including the integrated neural engine, to generate its images. What requires fewer resources and gets a result faster.

This new app is not the first to use this engine optimized by Apple, it is (at least) the second. We mentioned a few days ago the case of AI Photo, a similar app, which was also based on the stable diffusion that Apple has improved especially for its chips. However, after a free period, this app has become paid, which makes it much less interesting for all those who want to discover this universe of AI-generated images.

AI Photo is the first app to use Stable Diffusion powered by Apple 🆕

For its part, Amazing AI is completely free and should remain so. It’s the latest creation of the prolific Sindre Sorhus, and he regularly releases small free apps, including this one. Its interface is very simple, but it allows you to play with Stable Diffusion without technical knowledge. You will find a text field at the top, enter the command and start the program to get a picture below after a few tens of seconds to a minute or two, depending on your Mac. Two icons are then suggested to save the image (in a subfolder of the images folder) or to share it using the macOS share menu.

Amazing AI in action.

The developer explains that he is currently using Stable Diffusion 1.5 and not the newer version 2.0, which he says gives inferior results. Amazing AI offers very few parameters, it is mainly possible to change the number of steps (30 by default, the more there are, the longer the process takes) and to change the number of generated images (1 by default) . It is not yet possible to load another model, although this should come later. Additionally, the app is currently reserved for Apple Silicon Macs, but an iOS version may be offered in the future.

In terms of resources, the app weighs 2.5 GB, as it contains the models needed to generate the images, so everything takes place locally. A Mac with at least 16 GB of RAM is recommended. Amazing AI is not translated into French and the app requires at least macOS 13.1.


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