Harry and Meghan barred from a main event? Unexpected news just dropped!

The coronation of King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is scheduled for May 6, 2023, Britain’s most anticipated event. And despite the chill that seems to have settled between the British royal family and Harry, the latter should be invited along with Meghan to this historic event according to Daily mail. An invitation that proves that the king is trying to maintain a good relationship with his younger brother (or that he just wants to keep up appearances?). A source said: “Harry is his son and His Majesty will always love him. Even if things are difficult right now, the door will always be ajar“.

As a reminder, Harry strongly criticized his father in the documentary and also confided that senior royals wanted to destroy Meghan after becoming jealous of her popularity. The latter would have deliberately spread negative stories about him in the media. He said tensions arose when it became clear that Meghan “stole the show—or did the job better than the person born to do it“.

The “dignity” of silence.

According to Daily mailwould the royal family like to keep”dignity” of silence and not wanting to fight to be the one who wants to have the last word. After the release of the documentary, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith also said that Harry had “inadvertently gave his father an opening“to deprive him of his and his wife’s titles:”Sussex titles may disappear. It’s about finding the best way to do it“, she told Times. And to add that the king had “certainly the right to do so.

This future coronation will reflect historical tradition and Charles’ desire to see a modern ceremony that represents a less conventional monarchy. Currently in preparations, the king and queen consort are said to have recently visited Westminster Abbey as part of a thorough reconnaissance of the event. St Edward’s crown has already been removed from the Tower of London to be altered.

As a reminder, Harry and Meghan will also not be present at the traditional Christmas hosted by the royal family at their Sandrigham estate.

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