He beats her because she ate the last piece of pizza in Blangy-sur-Bresle

A resident of Blangy-sur-Bresle beat his mate to eat the last slice of pizza (©Illustration/Pixabay)

In August 2022, living in Blangy-sur-Bresle (Seine Maritime) 38 years old, has already been sentenced by the Criminal Court in Dieppe for violence against his partner. Especially he had been made no contact with the latter as part of a trial stay.

“I didn’t see myself sending her back”

In this month of December 2022, he found himself again at the bar of the court for identical facts.

On December 2, the young woman came to his home, and despite the restraining order, he could not order her to leave.

“She had come by taxi. I couldn’t see myself sending her away. She doesn’t have much money he declares before admitting in a low voice that he still has feelings for her.

Because of a pizza

On December 3, a gendarmerie patrol saw the young woman on the sidewalk. She is drunk and her face is swollen. She tells law enforcement that she is going to her stepmother’s house because her friend has hit her again. She tells them sothey would have argued because she had eaten the last slice of pizza.

This explains the young womanshe still has feelings for him but that she is very angry with him because of the events of August. She is not present on the victim’s bench.

Hospitalized, she is awaiting transfer to a treatment center. His attorney is requesting a dismissal of civil interests, which will be granted by the court.

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Regarding the criminal aspect of the case, the representative for the prosecution emphasized that it was the defendant who had a no-contact order and that it was up to him to respect it, and she tried to explain to the defendant that it was not on strike to you prove your love. She is asking for 12 months in prison with a commitment order.

The defendant’s lawyer emphasizes, after mentioning the invalidity objections rejected by the court, that his client cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the young woman who comes to revive him at home. The accused explains that he is under sedatives and that his alcohol consumption remains high. He indicates that he will soon follow a course of treatment in a new establishment.

The court hears in part his palpable distress at the bar and passes a sentence of 6 months in prison, which can be executed under home supervision. They are added to the nine months stated in August, and they are, above all, accompanied by a duty of care.

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