He buys 300 iPhones in an Apple Store and is robbed on his way out

A 27-year-old man bought 300 copies of the iPhone 13 at the famous Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York and was robbed moments after leaving the store, local media reveal. The story took place yesterday.

Apple Store 5th Avenue New York Cube Renovation

The man had the 300 iPhones in three different bags. He left the Apple Store and drove to his car at 01:45 (5th Avenue Apple Store is open 24/7). Suddenly another car drove up to him and two men approached and asked him to give them his bags. The man, of course, refused, sparking a fight. He was punched in the face before the robbers ran off with one of the bags.

The bag in question contained 125 iPhones valued at $95,000. According to police, the man in question often made large purchases of iPhones at this Apple Store to resell them through his small business. It is unclear why he made such a purchase at nearly 2 a.m. or if he was specifically targeted because of his past shopping habits.

Today, New York police are investigating the robbery, and the victim was not seriously injured. A description of the suspects and their vehicles has not yet been released.

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