He launches his Neapolitan pizza truck

With his traditional Neapolitan oven, Pierre Boursier mixes gas and wood food to add flavor. (©Echo Ancenis)

Its Neapolitan oven, in blue and white mosaic, is already making customers react. Since mid-November have Pierre Boursier the farm Land of Anceni aboard his pizza truck. After experiences abroad (Scotland, Malta) in baking, the native Oudonnais worked two years in Varades as pastry chef.

Clicked? “In Malta I discovered Neapolitan pizza and since then my girlfriend and I always eat the best local pizza when we travel”, explains the young man from 27 years old. See exciting for pizza, he buys equipment and a kneading machine to make his creations. “When I got closer to professional pizzas, I said to myself, why not go for it, especially since I wanted to be my own boss. »

Thus is born”Piero’s pizza“, which makes Neapolitan pizzas to take away. The special conditions: the the dough is thinner under trim, while cornice is thicker and softer. This is due to “the longer fermentation” and the dough is also “easier to digest”.

Made by local and Italian productslike cured ham, Pierre Boursier offers one fifteen pizzas from €9 to €13for one 31 cm waist. Two flavors are even sweetened to “make the connection to his former job as a pastry chef”.

Pizza di Piero stays Monday at Coffeethat Wednesday in Saint-Pierre-Montlimartthat Thursday in Oudonthat Friday in Ancenis and Sunday in Varades. Service from 18.00 to 21.30 and orders are possible before Piero can also travel with his green truck to private events (birthdays, association evenings).

Practical: Pizza di Piero, found on Facebook and Instagram, 06 99 67 01 08

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