Heat stroke in a Chaumont pizzeria

Criminal Court. In June 2020, a violent argument broke out in a Chaumont pizzeria. Punches, blows… Many customers were unhappy. It’s time to pay the bill.

Chaumont, Pizzeria du Pont. We were busy and we are still busy. Me Lalloz came out of it. A judge from the Chaumont Judicial Court was waiting there, as were many others.

On June 6, 2020, in the oven and on the mill, Nizar BK was busy to satisfy many customers, Saturday evening customers, more or less patient. “There was a delay, I was stressed,” admits the head of the establishment. A couple shows some annoyance. Madame blames Nizar BK for being wrong with one of her waitresses. The restaurateur’s companion invites the couple out. Tone up. The mood flares in the pizzeria’s cramped lobby. Brother of companion to Nizar BK, Jérémy C intervenes. “This client was aggressive, I put my sister behind me, he told me he was not a professional, he hit me”.

The following ? Judges, lawyers and defendants discovered it on video. Jérémy C gets three punches for whoever he presents as his assailant. Nizar BK asks his companion to call the police before “in a panic” he walks over, pizza shovel in hand, and, like Stéphane Diagana, alerts the counter that separates the kitchen area from the pizzeria’s lobby.

The restaurateur will eventually have preferred a “trunk” intended to supply his oven for his pizza shovel. “I panicked, there were a lot of people, I didn’t think, I wanted it to stop, I hit him with the log”.

“Subdural Hematoma”

A completely disproportionate reaction in the eyes of Me Tribouley, lawyer for the victim, “the only one in this case”. “Yes, this man may have been unpleasant, yes, he had 1.38 grams of alcohol, but nothing can justify the behavior of the defendants towards him. (…) My client may have thrown a punch, but then we have to assume that this man was tackled against a wall by Jéméry C. My client is under control, but he takes several punches before taking shots. log, it would be dangerous to justify such violence. The victim was hit over the head, a medical report mentions a subdural hematoma, it was necessary to put 30 staples on the skull of this man, he was hospitalized for seven days, followed by three months off work, and this man still has a headache, ” thundered Me Tribouley.

Prosecutor Bras-Abbari urged the court to sentence the two defendants to a prison sentence of ten months accompanied by a conditional suspended sentence.

Words of defense

Me Le Bigot pointed to the qualification of violence in a meeting with threats or the use of a weapon followed by incapacity for more than eight days. If the scene is short, it is well divided into two phases, “without consultation”, then the meeting will inevitably not last.

Jeremy C was unarmed. The extent of the victim’s injuries cannot be fully attributed to his client, admittedly previously convicted of attempted theft and driving under the influence of alcohol, but employed by a Swiss jewelry company, a father . Me Le Bigot was heard. Jérémy C was fined 750 euros.

“Mr BK is deeply affected by this story, he does not deny his responsibility, he had a bad reaction, nothing more”, Mr Lalloz continued, describing a Tunisian national with an exemplary career, a man who until now unknown to justice. since his arrival in France in 2011, a man has “come to France to live from his work, not to live from RSA”. Decision? Ten months probation.

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