Here are the benefits of a protein pizza dough!

Sports, painting, meditation and spending countless hours on social media became our star pursuits as Instagram’s popularity grew over the pandemic of coronavirus. But if we had to name just one thing in general that we spend our free time on during the year, we would probably say the kitchen. Here’s the secret behind protein pizza dough.

The secret behind protein pizza dough

In fact, when the story was only just beginning, experts were already predicting that we gain an average of five kilos after birth. And they were not far from the truth. Fortunately, protein pizza dough and protein muesli quickly became a hit on Instagram. In this way, we reduced our consumption of carbohydrates. According to experts, this was crucial at the time, because when we spent so many hours without moving, we didn’t need the extra energy that, for example, the following gives us bread or flour.

Protein pizza dough and protein muesli is very low in saturated fat and high in protein, which promotes muscle building and fitness. Interestingly, we can do this from only two products that are perfect for breakfast or dinner, and you can also combine them in many ways. Protein pizza dough and protein muesli is of particular interest to “athletes, mostly women, who are interested in nutrition and are looking for a more conscious consumption policy when buying the products they need to consume”. This is what the team food spring the renowned sports nutrition company that aims to innovate in sports nutrition. Fitness with its range of specialized products.

Why eat protein muesli for breakfast?

According to Kristina, nutritionist at food spring to eat complex carbohydrates the morning helps you perform at your best during the day because you use up your reserves during your sleep”. In addition, numerous studies have found a positive correlation between the amount of protein eaten for breakfast and general eating habits, which leads to a decrease in cravings, “explains the expert. But if you eat a sugary breakfast, it can be difficult to choose protein foods. Therefore, it is easier to choose this muesli, which contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats and helps you start the day well. The same applies to dinner.

If we have maintained a balance during the day in relation to the distribution of macronutrients between meals, the best thing to do is to consume protein for dinner. Although we insist, everything will depend on how we ate the rest of the day, our goals and our specific profile, because each person is different and in nutrition everything must be personal.. In this sense, protein pizza dough or protein muesli can help us to the extent that they allow us to reduce our consumption of carbohydrates and increase our consumption of proteins. Without having to change our eating habits. If we can do the same with natural foods, go for it!

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