Here it all starts from November 21: Teyssier attacks Vic (recap + video episode 535)

Here it all starts from November 21, summary and video from episode 535 – Teyssier attacks Vic tonight in your daily TF1 series “Here Everything Begins”. In fact, he decides to give her an ultimatum that could very well cost her her place at the institute!


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Here it all starts from November 21 – summary of episode 535

She returns to the institute after being fired. Élodie returns to study at the Institut Auguste Armand and is somewhat apprehensive about the reaction of her former classmates. But luckily for her, she’s no longer alone, Brice is there to support her!
In the kitchens of the Institut Auguste Armand, Teyssier attacks Vic. He makes her aware that she is clearly not up to par with the other students. Teyssier gives her an ultimatum: he will test her on her skills, alone. If she fails, she leaves the Institute!
And for his part, David gets angry with a client.


Here it all starts from 21 November – video first minutes of the episode

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