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In the next episode of “This Is Where It All Begins,” Greg is faced with an ultimatum. For her part, Salomé takes hits to preserve her relationship. At Double A, Axel invites his mother to a private dinner.

Please note, the following episodes contain spoilers for the episode of Here It All Begins airing Monday night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 26 December in Here it all begins…

Greg and Eliott are back from their romantic Christmas weekend, traveling the roads of the region aboard their food truck. Eliott has stars in his eyes not only because the concept worked, but also because they did it together. This encourages him to continue on this path and offer a gourmet food truck every weekend. Greg is also excited about the idea. At the same time, the latter receives a message from Jasmine, who informs him that he has found the perfect ring for Eliott. Greg then asks his partner to book his party for the next day.

Along the way, Teyssier congratulates Greg and Eliott for their success on the institute’s Christmas menu, as well as for the good publicity they give the establishment thanks to the food truck. The manager believes that Greg is the thinking head of the duo and is unaware of Eliott’s exploits. But he doesn’t take it personally. When Jude comes to talk to him about it, finding it unfair on Teyssier’s part, he puts it into perspective.

Later, Greg entrusts Lionel and Hortense with his plan to propose to Eliott in marriage. He entrusts them to arrange a dinner in the Marais, the menu of which will tell the story of their couple. Jasmine joins them and shows them the ring she chose. Everyone agrees that she is perfect.

Greg then has lunch with his parents at Double A. After dessert, he finally announces to them his wedding plans with Eliott. His father then declares that he has another project for him: to open his restaurant in Tokyo and stay there for a whole year. He was supposed to be there on Friday. Benoît reveals that the Christmas menu was a test that Greg passed with flying colours. In shock, the young man declines the proposal of his father, who openly rejects his marriage plan, and then leaves the table.

Delphine turns to her husband and notices that he is not feeling well. Witnessing the scene, Jude, who works as a waiter at Double A, intervenes and helps Delphine take her to the hospital. On the spot, Constance takes care of him. Coming to his senses, Chief Delobel downplays the incident. Very worried, Delphine reveals that he has coronary artery disease and that he keeps putting off his surgery in favor of work. After telling Jude to leave them alone, Constance advises Benoît to act or risk a heart attack.

For his part, Greg accompanies Hortense to the Marais, where she has found the perfect place to arrange the wedding dinner. He entrusts her, as well as Hortense, with his father’s project. Although it’s a big opportunity, Greg is sure he wants to link his future to the Eliotts.

Back at the institute, Greg confirms to Lionel that he will be his best man. Jude interrupts them to hear from Chief Delobel. He talks about the discomfort he suffered and wants him to have surgery soon. Greg then understands that his father’s ill health is the reason he wants to send the torch. Otherwise, he will continue to work, and Greg fears that it will be fatal for him…

Salomé goes to Kelly and Laetitia to try to have a discussion with them. Kelly refuses to pretend and goes to class. As for Laetitia, she says she needs time to digest the information. On the other hand, she thinks her sister should break up with Thomas if she really values ​​her friendship with Kelly.

During his lesson, Thomas congratulates his students on the success of their pop-up shop. As he will become a permanent professor at the Institute the next day, he will no longer be able to organize modules. For their final exercise, he asks the students to revisit the babka. Salomé then receives disparaging comments from Charlène regarding her relationship with Thomas. The latter ticks the boxes.

Thomas and Salomé meet after class. If her mate thinks she can calm things down by talking to Kelly, Salomé thinks it’s better they leave it at that. Thomas takes her hand to reason with her just as Kelly passes in the park. When he crosses his gaze, Salomé is uncomfortable.

She catches up with her to try to chat. Salomé points out that nothing prevents Kelly from continuing to have a relationship with her father. But the latter declares, on the contrary, that her friend has ruined everything.

In the kitchens of Double A, Axel confides in Theo that he hasn’t heard from his father all weekend after what happened during Christmas dinner. Theo tries to reassure him by saying that everyone has already moved on. Axel, on the contrary, believes that his mother has not yet recovered. He wants to cheer her up by arranging a private meal for her at Double A. Theo doesn’t have time to deal with that, but he lets her off the hook by stating that Inesta will be away all afternoon. Axel then asks Solal and Ethan for help, who agree.

Thus, Axel welcomes his mother to Double A and offers her the only dish on the menu that his friends can take out. Lola is very touched by this attention. Axel joins his friends in the kitchen and gives them a hand.

Just before dessert, Axel returns to the dining room to serve a glass of champagne to his mother. Through the restaurant window, he sees Inesta walking towards the restaurant. Axel reveals to his mother that they should not be there and quickly kicks her out while Solal keeps Inesta outside. Axel hurries to hide what he has prepared when the homeroom teacher finally manages to enter. At the same time Ethan arrives from the kitchens with Lola’s dessert in hand.

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