Here’s why the older we get, the less we like people, according to science

Is the myth that we become more and more bitter as we age true? It appears to be so, as shown by a twin study conducted by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the University of Aalto in Finland. This confirms that our social circle does indeed shrink as we age. We become more selective about the people who are part of our entourage at 40 than at 18, and this would apply to many other aspects of our daily lives as well.

Does age make us less and less sociable?

As reported Marie-France, to reach this conclusion, the researchers behind this report analyzed the social interactions of no less than 3 million adults. And this by evaluating the number of times they have been in contact with other people, whether in real life, on social networks or even on the phone.

Result ? It seemed that age would cause us to unconsciously filter out the relationships that seem most futile to us, so that we can focus on the most sincere friendships.

Over time, we also become less and less patient, and this is one of the reasons that justify our close circle becoming smaller. Every exchange that is not worth it is considered a waste of time, while more is done to foster trust.

A shift in perspective that would begin to take place after the thirties, when we have passed the age where we want to make new acquaintances and our curiosity is a little less lively. If we are less inclined to conform to a group as we get older, it is also because when we reach a certain age we decide to turn more towards ourselves rather than towards others. We appreciate having fewer social obligations to be able to follow our desires more freely.

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