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We can’t stop the managers of Pizza Poms, Nadia and Christophe, at the helm of this gourmet address since 2019! Already in charge of two restaurants in St Aubin-de-Médoc and Le Haillan, these two passionate people united in life and behind the stoves, they have also installed a vending machine with artisan pizzas in St-Aubin, available 24/7. /7 . Something to please all palates, at any time of the day, to offset the cravings for these Italian wonders!

Pizzas available 24/7 thanks to the vending machine

©Pizza Poms
©Pizza Poms

Who has never wanted a good pizza on a whim when all the pizzerias are closed or with an endless wait? Located at 65 route de St Médard in St Aubin, this vending machine already attracts many gourmets by offering freshly made pizzas with the best products. Prepared every morning and pre-cooked with their base sauce by the pizza maker at the Poms pizzeria, they are garnished with fresh and carefully selected products. They then rest in the distributor’s cold room until gourmets order the pizza of their choice. Once the order is placed on the machine, the preparation is complete and they receive a hot, perfectly cooked and crispy pizza or a cold one to prepare at home. Regardless of the choice, all the pizzas on offer respect a special program (time, temperature, etc.) which makes it possible to achieve the same quality as in a restaurant.

To limit waste and guarantee incomparable quality, the deadline for pizzas is 3 days. Thanks to an application that allows the teams to follow the development of sales in time, the pizzas are regularly renewed to limit unsold quantities and guarantee maximum freshness.

On the menu: Burger, Parma, 4 cheeses, Savoyarde, Kebab or Pizzaiolo (honey goat cheese), cream or tomato bases, there is something for every taste!

Dpizzas with the secret recipe and larger sizes

©Pizza Poms
©Pizza Poms
©Pizza Poms

At Pizza Poms, we offer a varied and, above all, mastered menu with a peculiarity that leaves no one indifferent: a dough with a secret recipe, in addition to pizzas of larger than average size. The crust is less thick, which gives glory to fresh ingredients, the dough is freshly kneaded and shaped, the flavors are meant to be original… In short, an address that takes you straight to the borders of La Botte!

This gourmet address offers only pizzas, all made according to the ancestral Italian tradition. From the classic ham to the big burger via the creole, and calzones, the menu respects the seasons and offers the pizza of the month, which varies according to wishes and products. For those with a sweet tooth, Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate, Vanilla or Drought Cake ice cream must be devoured at the end of the meal!

Two restaurants in Haillan and Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc

The vending machine completes the offer from the two Pizza Poms restaurants: one located in Le Haillan and the other in St-Aubin-de-Médoc with both accessible car parks so that everyone can park without difficulty to collect your pizza or eat it on site in St Aubin, on tables provided outside. It is therefore possible to enjoy good cuisine, homemade pizzas with a wide selection of beer and wine. Another distributor should soon see the light of day in Taillan Médoc… Stay connected!

For lunch or dinner, the pizzeria Poms is the promise of good times, a change of scenery… And for the most homebound, the pizzas come straight to them thanks to the possible delivery on Uber Eats. No need to resist! Right now you can take advantage of a special WC campaign with 2 pizzas bought of the same size, the 3th offered in the classic range. Available in restaurants but also at the retailer!

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